Smart card issuance to employees of Education to been paid through

Issued Rafidain Bank, the smart card to the staff of one of the districts to the Ministry of Education, in order to received their monthly salaries instead of manual cash.
According to a statement of the bank on Saturday, received by all of Iraq [where], a copy of the bank "and issued by more than 1600 smart card to the staff of the Directorate General for Financial Affairs in the Ministry of Education."
He added that "the system [ironing Card] is the practice a global system in most developed countries of the world and facilitate the smooth flow of the distribution of salaries and contributes to overcoming obstacles and shorten the routine."
The statement pointed out that "the country's ongoing security challenges in the face of terrorism is obligatory for state institutions to follow these methods to deal in the payment of salaries, which is a way to cut the road to the phishers who try to tamper with the destiny of the country."
The capital Baghdad, has seen time earlier theft cases to the salaries of employees, where an armed gangs in October / October last, to raise the second Rusafa salaries theft when they passed in the municipal area of ​​eastern Baghdad, gunmen riding wheels SUV stealing paper plant staff's salaries the Ministry of Industry and minerals of the law enforcement officials of the transfer and receipt of the passage near the Baghdad gate within the Taji area north of Baghdad.
As an armed group stole with masts school salaries in eastern Baghdad's Palestine Street area at gunpoint.
The security committee in the Baghdad Provincial Council, revealed on 27 October / Aktobralamadi, for "the involvement of some elements of the police with theft gangs employees' salaries."
The deputy chairman of the Commission Mohammed al-Rubaie, for [where], that "the phenomenon of theft of salaries recently spread in most east of the canal areas, and some police agencies involved with offenders in the theft," adding that "more than 11,000 employees in departments Breeding Rusafa in the east of Baghdad cutter were victims of these gangs, "calling for Baghdad operations, and agencies fighting crime to reveal the perpetrators through surveillance cameras."