Wise: reshuffle isn't all the reform we support the initiative of the chest.


Chairman of the Supreme Council for Islamic Ammar Al-Hakim, prospective reshuffle he's " not all reform " announcing " its support for the initiative of the leader of the sadrists moqtada al-Sadr in conducting this change ".
And he said the wise according to the statement by the presidency of the council up during his cabinet in Baghdad for the toast, briefing held in the office Saturday, that " The Ministerial Amendment, not all of the reform is a step of its, mshkhşạ problem of Iraq The poor in the structures of the Iraqi state and the reply of the legislation and overlap in other times," Stressing the need to "be the reform is based on the plan of comprehensive reform and clear".
And make sure the wise, that " The Council with the reform and won't be a day of days against him, " referring to " the reform should be through the relevant committees staying ministries work since the beginning of the government. And replace the current minister who is not done with him or the formation of a government of technocrats, away from the political blocs backed by parliamentary majority in all Iraqi components be supportive of this government and resistance and resident for her at the same time ".
He wondered if the commission has proved the efficiency of one of the prime minister and the management of a particular ministry, what's the need of the replacement of the minister of the efficient minister of qualified potential?", Attention to the need to "be the government representative block them, and thus be able to separate the technical department of the government about the political department and the strategy of the country".
Wise and noted that " the department doesn't have anything to do with specialization, you may find someone who holds the highest certificates in a given jurisdiction but at the same time not able to manage, calling attention to the importance of the secretariat of the minister. In conjunction with you, efficiency "warned" the existence of the agendas tsqyţ trying everything in Iraq and trying to tsqyţ everyone, support the initiative of Mr. Moqtada Al-Sadr, calling at the same time, political blocs and the council of representatives to study it. As the true and bold ".
And the liberation of Mosul wise " new position from Mosul to her, and she must be the city of the diversity of its people of diverse to contribute to its liberation," Emphasizing the need for "the contribution of the popular crowd in editing, went back to target the popular crowd targeted unjustified".
And the economic reality called for the wise of the media to bring economic treatments to people in the right way no Iraq is a country rich and non-broke and all the action is to provide liquidity to perpetuate the payroll foreheads, fighting, stressing that That one go to leverage the benefits of the capacity of Iraq for simple payment if arrange his economic ".