When corruption Atamlq under the turban reference

February 20, 2016 In Media Center

The corruption that dominates Iraq and lead him toward the precipice but corrupt protected and supported and codified is driving military and judicial security and no one can begrudge him or watching him so I went hundreds of billions of dollars and nobody knows where it disappeared and where was her destiny and any remaining banks and lost hundreds of thousands of lives and hundreds of thousands of bodies scattered so filled graves and have children wermlt women and stolen wealth that occurred since 2003 until today where the political cunning strategy requires elaborate mechanisms, objectives and means to govern by grip On Iraq and its people and of the means and mechanisms.

1. link the Government and Ministers and their deputies to foreign agendas support them and give them immunity and cannot be accountability in any circumstance.

2. the military and security driven by these corrupt and has no powers or potential to do any move is that is emasculated wing is not strong enough to protect themselves as well as the protection of the State and its sovereignty.

3. inventory of capital, trade and economy but corrupt politicians and their borders associated with regional and foreign countries are to sign contracts and agreements concluded be proportionally and shares specific projects and funds in advance.

4. the issue of Iraqi oil but very close to politicians of Iranian priestly dominant reference to Najaf to ensure share of each barrel exported, if followed Prime Minister since the fall of the system so far for disaster are all associated with reference services and parties.

5. create political, security, economic, devote continuous instability mode confusion and chaos to ensure no military or civilian institution-building, judicial can be strong and Linda Chambers can do institutional role which accounting and monitoring and implementation of judicial orders, etc.

6. devote a security vacuum and the spread of organized crime, kidnappings, arbitrary arrests, chaos and terror and fear and anxiety among the people for the purpose of considering, inter alia, drew the side and away from thinking about redemption and change them they be or become confused on how to get safe haven and find safe and secure, as the water in the mists.

7. dimensions of exclusion and marginalization of the movements and national figures and references by threatening sometimes or assassination or beaten or netting or tskitha by rumors and suspicions and finally making a difference and people and currents and reference claiming similar associated with Persian and foreign agendas dealing with the same arguments and ideas for the purpose of confusion and obfuscation on national and religious actors and real abuse to be focus of suspicion and different times of mahdism plaintiff Imamate and inerrancy and reference streams trickle Anhalt by posts and ministries and parliamentary seats because they lied down for us and the project.

8. consecration of sectarian and confessional to attract people to this project which does not possess and disseminate the ignorance and illiteracy and disease and illiteracy, corruption and a culture of defeatism and want to keep people in the case of a search for a living all day and not thinking only of livelihoods and make them very people removed from politics and corridors.

9. giving reference of Iran played a prominent role in controlling Iraq and protect potential spoilers and legitimize their stealings and pillaging and corruption and they in turn granted this bookmark sanctification and red lines to prevent criticism and this guide is governed by all the joints of the cunning political process for you if you want to know who controls your life and the fate of your country must know who forbids criticism or stand with her in any way is that control your destiny and the destiny of your country who are also counting on the ignorance of people who revere the constraints have been handicapped by prejudices Thus reference Sistani founder and legislator and overriding all corruption and fighting and fighting for that counsel and the speeches and the allude available.

10. formation of militias and death squads to terrorize people and dismantle any force that works to oust them even if the demonstrations or peaceful movements demanding their rights and are inserted between them and more factions of militias practiced violations, killings, arson and theft in broad daylight and in front of the glare of the fatwas issued by created and manufactured.

11. keep the people under the poverty line and the use of starvation (famine thy people follow you) even keep people walking as railway and want their corruption and malfeasance and accept less crumbs and most trivial choices and destroy industries and agriculture, gains and business to push people to join the army and police and crowd to get salaries and thus ensures that these politicians having sufficient numbers to protect them and the political process.

These are some of the means and mechanisms that govern by corrupt politicians and their masters in Iraq in order to perpetuate their control and boot to create Empires on the land of Iraq and dismember carved up and demolishing social fabric and the abolition of national identity and to dismantle the economic structure and infrastructure and make the law in service and service calendars, it only affects the poor and innocent. Sarkhi says reference on faith-lecture 16 dated 16/5 2014 as text (("and then there is also another thing there is systematic corruption there is a difference between rotten and corrupt, corruption, corruption, corruption if systematic under the cloak and turban and inescapable reference start world reference takes you and curse your parents, the world does not give takes everything you wemdash the promise above your head this is the world takes, does not give something now that government corruption is not associated with reference not related With one hand, now everything gets corruption attempts to codify and organize into law under the Constitution, corruption and expected that he does not have the law and does not have a Constitution there is no arguing, there is a reference there is the prestige there is reference there is interest there doctrine doctrine Zeid and AMR people references and ended up even though you have succumb to everything even violated the Symptoms ")).