Abadi Parliament calls for a mandate to form a consensus in not seizing government


Saturday , February 20, 2016

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi asked parliament on Saturday, a mandate years to form a consensus government but away from quotas, while the feet Moqtada al-Sadr, leader of the al-Abadi a list of a committee of independent Iraqi figures entrusted with the task of choosing a new ministerial lineup facilitate its task and warned rejection blocks political.

Abadi said in a speech to parliament on Saturday, it should be "separation between decisions austerity for reform measures," stressing that "austerity decisions thing reforms anything else," stressing that "change is not directed against one or a certain party but to walk reform forward and we need a harmonious team for that matter. "

As parliament demanded" by granting year mandate to form a far-from quotas consensus government ", he said," I ask carte years to change the ministerial cabin completely and the formation of other cabins are not built on a quota system, but according to the professional competence and harmonic " noting that "the cabinet reshuffle expected aims to move reform forward."

But call Abadi met with an uproar in the parliament, as across the deputies for their surprise about the call and timing, while deputies coalition Alchristani announced their refusal to explicitly request Abadi as this, and asked deputies of the National Alliance what is appointed as "far from quotas consensus government", however, al-Abadi said he must "maintain the supreme interest of the country on interest Ketloah," calling the political blocs to "waive electoral maturity for Iraq." financial crisis and the commitment of Kurdistan and the financial crisis including his country, Ebadi said, "We reduced the government spending dramatically to almost half in the last month to less than half," calling to "reduce spending and get soft loans from the countries of the world," and revealed that "the Kurdistan Regional Government did not comply with the agreement's oil" noting that it "delivered only 50% of the wills of oil during 2015 and 2016".

He stressed that "the plan to reduce spending and launch of government bonds will make Iraq able to employees' salaries to secure," he said through his claim was not prepared for the distribution of land granted based on previous elections, and added "I did not give any MPs or ministers plots so far." popular crowd at the battle of Mosul confirmed al-Abadi, a commander of the armed forces during the hosting of the Iraqi parliament session participation of the popular crowd in the liberation of Mosul, he said the "popular crowd will take part in the liberation of Mosul, with the Peshmerga forces and the army Iraqi. "

He said that the cooperation of" all security pieces and crowd the popular and clans and the Kurdistan region for the liberation of Nineveh province, of terrorists Daash will raise the Iraqi flag in the province soon, "rejecting" the use of the fighters for political purposes, "past to say that" the fighter is fighting for his homeland, not for political bloc or a person, "he pointed out that" some are trying rhythm between the crowd and the state, forgetting that the crowd a State institution, funded and put them a state, and we want to reform it, and there are those who try to stop it through a smear campaign carried out. "

He called Al-Abbadi officials to "visit displaced people and follow up on their status," and this was rejected by "trading IDP file", he said his "government's determination to bring them back to their homes." proposal chest and came Abadi's comments the day after the declaration of the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr to form a committee headed by Dr. Haider al-Abadi said that it "must be characterized by full neutrality without leaning to a certain point and operate an independent act and not be the sympathetic with us or near us. "

He said al-Sadr said in a statement received" Elaf "a copy of which he must be" located upon themselves to nominate cabin ministerial national independent technocrats at a rate of three to five people each ministry. "

He pointed out that it came "after reaching the entire political process, without exception, on the one hand a particular party into the abyss, or, after the escalation of the authority's voice and the people called by the real and radical not Prosthetic and after the reform, we announced a draft comprehensive national reform and to ward off the evils in the joints of the state."

He explained Sadr that "the choice of ministers will be in accordance with the criteria (independence) and (non-candidate party or Balthzb relationship), and (be of Iraqi nationality campaign exclusively, without multinational), and (be with good national reputation and has experience and sold the administrative Macs), and (be specialists and extensive professional). "

Committee members suggested Sadr Abadi" the committee includes all of judge Abdul-Qader al-Hamdani and judge Sami Mamouri judge Aso Sophie as well as academics who are both Fares Kamal Nazmi and Faleh Abdul-Jabbar and peace Sumaisem, "noting the committee would also include both of them, "Shabibi and Ghazi Cka and Jabbar and coffee."

He said al-Sadr in his statement that "there is an advisory committee of the Selection Committee of Ministers will include both Ghazanfar Hamoud Hassan Humairi and Haidar Saeed Asaad al-Janabi and Abdul Redha Jawad Riaz minister Qasim care," noting that these consulting will be binding for the Selection Committee of Ministers.

He stressed on the necessity of the independence of the next government and said he "would go ahead despite the political blocs not willing independent Baltknuaqrat," and threatened to "take further steps in the absence of the project's success", he underlined that his "This project applies to the inner mass of us without exception. "

The cleric Moqtada al-Sadr waved to withdraw confidence from Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi unless submitted within 45 days systematic government program, and called for the formation of a new government of technocrats away from leaning to the ruling party, as he put it, referring to the Islamic Dawa Party , in advance of what he described as the "reform project" and said he agreed with the opinion of the reference and the failure to perform a betrayal of the people.