"Boeing" get a license to enter the Iranian market

Alsumaria News / Baghdad - I got American "Boeing" aircraft maker on the approval of the US authorities to start negotiations with Iran on providing them with techniques and equipment Aviation, which opens in front of the company's market was closed because of the sanctions.

According to "The Wall Street Journal" newspaper of America, today, quoting a spokesman for the US company as saying, "US authorities license allows us to negotiate with the approved airlines to determine the amount of their demand for aircraft."

The spokesman continued, "We understand the difficult situation in the region, and that everything is changing, so we will continue to follow the instructions of the United States government with respect to doing business with Iran."

Include fleets of Iranian airlines are currently more aircraft ahead in the world, for that Tehran is seeking to renovated to upgrade the fleet and catch up with its rivals in this area, and the Iranian authorities are planning to acquire between 300 and 600 passenger aircraft over the next 10 years.

It was "the youngest honorary Kashan" Iranian Deputy Transport Minister had expressed earlier in his country's interest in the acquisition of more than 100 passenger plane of the company, "Boeing."

It is noteworthy here that the company "Airbus" aircraft maker, which is the largest competitor for "Boeing", took place in the month of January last contract for the supply of 127 new aircraft to Iran.

The contract was signed during Iranian President Hassan Rowhani's visit to Italy and France.

The company "General Electric" also made a request to the US authorities in order to obtain permission to enter the Iranian market, but did not get approved until now.