Parliament Minutes-20 February 2016
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    Parliament Minutes-20 February 2016

    House of Representatives vote on the law and the hosts Prime Minister


    House of Representatives voted in its tenth the normal of the second legislative term legislative second and enacted, headed by Dr. Salim al-President of the Council and in the presence of 241 deputies today Saturday, 02/20/2016, on the one law that ended the first reading of the draft law with the Prime Minister hosted to discuss the economic situation and the ministerial amendment.

    At the outset of the meeting, the Council voted on the recommendations of the National Conference for the Protection of peaceful coexistence and the prohibition of hate and fight against extremism and terrorism, sponsored by the Committee of Religious Endowments and Religious Affairs, and includes continuing to draw inspiration from the instructions and directives by the religious authorities and the role of the Mufti and the clergy in promoting peaceful coexistence and confront takfiri thought and continued support for the success of this project by the board of the presidency of the Iraqi Council of Representatives and the support of both Mr. President and Mr. Prime Minister, and to provide support and protection for this project takes up a range in the practical field application by the security forces and the crowd and folk Peshmerga and clans in fighting terrorism and extremists.

    She recommendations to the importance of cooperation and coordination with the permanent parliamentary committees in the Iraqi Council of Representatives and walk legislative measures proposed Law on the Protection of peaceful coexistence and the prohibition of hate and fight against extremism and terrorism and to activate the existing laws in this regard and the establishment of the board called the Authority National for the protection of peaceful coexistence and the prohibition of hate and fight against extremism and terrorism as well as the National Conference to protect the peaceful coexistence and the prohibition of hate and fight against extremism and terrorism on a regular basis every four months or as often as necessary to for the purpose of uniting efforts and take advantage of the capabilities and expertise in the action programs and public policy for the protection of peaceful coexistence and the fight against extremism and terrorism.

    The proposed recommendations develop a practical program of time Bhetwaqat specific regarding the treatment of the ill-effects caused by the Daash areas that have been liberated from the control and the development of a joint action plan with the concerned ministries and agencies on the subject of the curriculum and the consolidation of tolerance and coexistence and the definition of multiculturalism and diversity in Iraq and the dangers of takfir and extremism at home and the values ​​of citizenship and be consistent supported in all educational institutions as well as a program of work with institutions and relevant bodies including sheds light on the intellectual foundations of the terrorist organizations and the nature of religious discourse and the importance of promoting reconciliation and peaceful coexistence.

    And it adopted the recommendations seek to develop a mechanism seeking to contain any conflicts or tensions with after sectarian or tribal and diagnosis of speeches that feed the sectarian and racial and tribal shipping and response, and the formation of executive committees in all provinces starts with the provincial council and the governor and the offices of the Iraqi Council of Representatives for the implementation of the document items and to develop mechanisms work in each province and to suit the scale of the challenges is trying to threaten the societal ladder.

    The recommendations called for the involvement of all segments of society in the national project, especially of women and civil, youth and the importance of engaging media institutions and community organizations of the importance of their active role in the implementation of document Ramadan 1436 items e and put serious work programs to preserve the religious, sectarian and ethnic diversity Baattabaraltnoa in Iraq and protect a source of strength and richness of the country and contribute to the stability of civil peace and establish this national project and according to the principle of efficiency, competence and desire and volunteer work.

    She stressed the recommendations to contribute actively in the reconstruction of displaced persons to their home areas except stained their hands with the blood of Iraqis and rehabilitation of caves t them and build an atmosphere of trust and cohesion among the same society sons and form a committee Almaiah and the Academy for the preparation of intellectual studies clearly show the causes and roots and treatments takfiri ideology of terrorism and ways to promote coexistence peaceful between the Iraqi people and the strengthening of state institutions to impose security and bear arms to the state because of its role in the stability of the Iraqi society and the formation of a committee to follow up the National Congress outputs as well as the lifting of these recommendations to the board presidency esteemed for the purpose of presentation to the Iraqi Council of Representatives for a vote and approved format decision of Parliament.

    It was put up interventions, ladies and gentlemen MPs on the recommendations as an MP demanded the victory of al-Jubouri that women have a stake in the performance of its role in any body belonging to a peaceful coexistence.

    He called Kanna to build a system of values ​​and legislation emphasizes coexistence and combating extremism and hatred before it is too late.

    He urged the MP of quitting on to be the security of the institution's role in the recommendations by pride in its position on terrorism.

    It MP Hanan al to the need to entrust the Committee of Religious Endowments, or the Sunni and Shia endowments instead apply the recommendations of the founding body may contribute to the national Baltrhl.

    For his part, MP Zaher al-Abadi on the importance of developing a real program to be voted on by dealing with observations on the recommendations.

    MP Hamid expressed his support for the recommendations of the vegetative condition of formation of a committee or body and abide by the recommendations of the Council.

    He noted the MP Raad Aldhlki that the recommendations represent a roadmap strategy of peaceful coexistence with the need to communicate the importance of the reference to the displaced and to work on the re-qualified from abroad.

    The MP Sadiq al-Rikabi to benefit from the experiences of other countries in the siege of atonement and extremism.

    In its reply to the interventions of the Committee on confirmed its offer recommendations on religious leaders, civil society organizations and universities in Iraq and benediction consent has also been modified recommendations based on the opinions and proposals of the parliamentary blocs, noting that the recommendations was the bottom for a long effort will be assigned to parliamentary committees implemented by pointing out that the proposed National Commission State will not cost any money.

    President al-Jubouri, in turn, stressed the need for peaceful co-existence and renounce hatred stressing that the recommendations is one Photos community reconciliation.

    The Board has completed voting on the draft of the First Amendment to the law of the ownership documents bearing aliases to the displaced and migrants Law No. (79) for the year 2012 submitted by the Committee on the deportees and displaced expatriates due to the presence of large numbers of migrants and displaced citizens who did not allow them the opportunity to return home to provide proof of ownership of their documentation requests bearing aliases and extend the submission period.

    And it decided the Presidency of the Council to postpone the vote on the draft to encourage doctors and anesthesia provided by law for the Health and Environment Committee at the request of the relevant committee until the maturation of the project.

    It ended the first reading of the draft accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Second Protocol to the Hague Convention for the private 1954 Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict and submitted by the committees of Foreign Affairs, Culture and media relations in order to strengthen the protection of cultural property in the event of armed conflict and to keep the movable cultural property by strengthening the legal protection and the criminalization of people perpetrators of it.

    On the other hand, followed by the Health and Environment Committee its quarterly report which dealt with activities related to monitoring the health services provided to citizens and follow-up, as well as its contribution to the development of legal regulations that deal with medical and health policy and action to protect the environment, in addition to announcing meetings and posts and Alastdavat held with the executive bodies and concerned about the health and environmental work (text of the report).

    On the other hand, the Council hosted Mr. Haider al-Abadi Prime Minister to discuss the economic situation and the draft ministerial amendment.

    Mr. Jubouri and welcomed the presence of the Prime Minister to talk about the economic reality and the draft ministerial amendment.

    For his part, Mr. Abadi said at the beginning of hosting to the collapse in oil prices led to lower government expenditure at present to 6 trillion dinars per month, including the military expenditures and basic services, with an attempt to give the area to the provinces and Wazzrarat to increase its imports.

    And between the Prime Minister and he was the overall expenditure in most joints greatly reduced from 10 trillion dinars to 6 trillion dinars and will this month about 4 trillion dinars, adding that the government is moving to Treasury bonds and Treasury remittances for the payment of salaries, pointing to the existence of a move to seek support loans accessible from the outside.

    Mr. Prime Minister, pointed out that the relationship with the Kurdistan region focused on exporting oil a certain amount with the award of the province 17%, but what has been extradited from the region was up 50%, which was agreed upon in the budget were given as much as he was handed over, stressing that the Iraqi government is Well-informed on how much money or disposed of by the Kurdistan region, inquiring about the reasons that led the provincial government to non-payment of staff salaries.

    Mr. Abadi said and explained ongoing military cooperation with the Kurdistan region that the Peshmerga part of the Iraqi security system and their share of the financial budget, indicating the existence of great cooperation with the province for the liberation of the province of Nineveh, especially given that the deployment of Iraqi troops in a drunken may seem popular and the crowd participated in Mosul as Nothingness any US pressure in this regard.

    Mr. Prime Minister, stressed the participation of all military units in the liberation of Mosul process without discrimination, stressing the absence of any foreign troops fighting in the Iraqi territory, except for trainers and advisers to train Iraqi forces, vowing to edit Mosul and the Iraqi flag which soon, adding that the government is facilitating procedures for the rights of the martyrs of the security forces and the popular crowd.

    Mr. Abadi said and noted the cabinet stood by the transfer of powers to the provinces under the constitution without conflict, noting that the relationship with the governors and heads of provincial councils going properly, adding that Iraq can not be governed centrally in absolute terms, alluding to halt all distribution of land that was allocated for the purposes of electoral decisions but just do not get the services and non-detachment properly in addition to stop the distribution of lands minister decisions of officials, some of whom were from the House of Representatives, which has been distributed in the previous government pointing out that the House does not distribute any of Lands for ladies and gentlemen of Representatives from 2006 until 2014.

    And on the cabinet reshuffle expected Mr. Prime Minister stressed that the amendment is required for the existence of a serious economic crisis that requires people professionals to manage the Iraqi economy, pointing to the existence of the first two options depends on the current quota system and the other to adopt the principle of consensus with the House of Representatives, calling on the House to give him-year mandate in accordance with the harmonic principle to form a government.

    For his part, Mr. Speaker pointed out that some deputies they distributed land in previous Alatakayat, declaring a formal request for MPs and ministers who received and handed over pieces of land in the previous sessions, emphasizing to proceed with the reform process based on the principle of negotiations to get to provide him with a formula acceptable.

    In the interventions of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives Mr. Iaram Sheikh Mohammed, Deputy Speaker, Mr. Prime Minister, called on to determine the efficiency of the ministers who are currently the criteria for selecting the new ministers.

    He inquired MP Ali al-Adeeb, the existence of a specialized committee in the Council of Ministers to assess the performance of ministers, ministries or in collaboration with the House of Representatives to assess the current political experience.

    He MP Ahmad electrodes readiness of Iraqi forces union to support any reform process of the requirement to be in accordance with the priorities, including the security file and find out the government's plan to counter the lawlessness and addressing the issue of displaced persons, as well as the reconstruction of the devastated areas for the return of residents to it.

    And crossed the MP, but Talabani hoped to reach a compromise between the government and the Kurdistan region to give the region's share amounting to 17% of the budget with the payment of the Peshmerga forces, confirmed reservation on the reshuffle and knowledge of being partially or totally.

    For his part, MP Hamid vegetation called on the government to reduce expenditures more closely with economic reforms, adding that the reform is in accordance with a comprehensive plan thought out in accordance with the true foundations do not depend on the changing faces only.

    The MP Khosro Goran readiness of the Kurdistan Regional Government to deliver its oil to the federal government if it has committed to pay staff salaries and Peshmerga According to the former agreement or work on a new agreement.

    The MP Arshad Salhi that Turkmens are suffering from difficult situations as a result of terrorism, which took over their land, inquiring about the existence of the Turkmen representation in the new government.

    He MP Zia al-Asadi to the existence of an integrated plan announced by Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr has a contact group to help nominate the names of the new ministers, indicating that the government and the House of Representatives sat down to have a last chance to repair the situation, indicating that not to abandon the political gains will lead to the destruction of the country.

    For his part, MP Adnan al-Janabi said the reforms announced by the Prime Minister is still a formality especially since the economic crisis treatment conducted in accordance with a comprehensive vision, calling for the need to deal boldly with the oil companies to implement their obligations, noting that the treatment of the displaced is part of the economic reforms.

    And the MP Abdullah Hoshyar support for the reforms through the House of Representatives, according to the mechanics of democracy, referring to his support for the survival of compatibility and the balance being the case required, calling on the Prime Minister to resign from his party to strip from the party.

    He praised the MP Qasim al-Araji, the position of the Prime Minister in his reformist even to request waiver of the post maturity.

    For his part, MP Ammar Tohme on the importance of rearranging expenditures and private non-essential and a coordinated and unified position on capping the export of oil, as well as the professional in mind and efficiency in the appointment of military positions in addition to the re-formation of the Electoral Commission to be far from the effects of party.

    He asked the Attorney ultra Sheikh Ali from government actions taken on the civilian activists who are exposed to the abduction and trial of military officials perpetrators of the massacre and the fall of Mosul Spyker.

    Kanna MP urged to respect the will of the components in the government anticipated selection with the participating teams to address the problem of staff and to facilitate the retirement of displaced citizens action.

    Turn MP Sadiq chewing gum that includes the upcoming special grades to their importance in the management of the affairs of state institutions change.

    He stressed MP Mohammad al-Karbouli the importance that the government re-displaced people to their areas and the reconstruction of liberated cities.

    He called on the Attorney General, Mr. Muthanna Prime Minister to move the field to resolve the serious problems with the Kurdistan region, noting that the institutions of government or independent bodies managed by the agency is still ongoing, inquiring about the timing of payment of financial dues to the peasants of the region.

    He noted the MP Haji candor to the tragic situation that Yazidis passes and regions pointing to the presence of more than 2,000 women Yazidi still in possession of the organization Daash.

    He urged the MP Haneen Qaddo to speed up the liberalization of Mosul from the grip of the organization Daash and that is keeping the number of land freed by the military and federal police.

    She drew MP Najiba Najib question as to delay the distribution of financial benefits to farmers who delivered their crop to the Ministry of Trade and peasants whom the Kurdistan region.

    And he wondered MP Hanan al about the relationship between economic reform, the performance of the ministers if they were the cause of the waste of money and the nature of the team and homogenized meaning technocrats.

    In response to the interventions of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives, Mr. Prime Minister stressed the respect for the views in the framework of constructive opposition for use in government work calendar, expressing his support for the complete change or fundamental, calling for a cabinet reshuffle through specialized and heterogeneous professional team with the representation of the components and do not exceed its presence to express Iraqi diversity, calling both have the will and the ability to progress to fill some administrative and executive positions.

    Mr. Abadi pointed to the existence of the reports issued by the Council of Ministers to assess the performance of the cabinet and government program that was done 20 paragraph out of 29 paragraphs, stressing that the best cure for the crisis of displaced people lies in their return to their homes and their areas but sectarian intolerance hinders the process of return of displaced persons, which requires genuine reconciliation between citizens and bombings that have occurred in Muqdadiyah were vexatious and malicious hands, confirming the presence of steps to restore the displaced to rock cliff areas and others.

    Mr. Abadi stressed on encouraging investment and reducing red tape for the pressure of financial waste through the use of international expertise, stressing the efforts to fight organized crime in Baghdad, calling on members of the House of Representatives to cooperate in the government's support in re-liberated provinces build, expressing his willingness to deal with the province.

    Mr. Abadi that said Christians and other minorities an integral part of the components of Iraq, referring to the call to the EU with the help displaced people in Iraq, Christians and provide for their needs, adding that the government prosecute of manipulating the property of Christians and deal with them as terrorists, pointing to the existence of a great desire to reform the political system and that is amend the Constitution at a later stage.

    And between the Prime Minister and a flaw in the receipt of the crop some linked to the entry of terrorist Daash to several areas confirming delivery of the financial dues of farmers who delivered their crops early to be addressing those who handed their crops later with providing facilities to farmers and give them loans.

    For his part, President al-Jubouri, gave his thanks to Mr. Prime Minister, to attend to the meeting and the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives on their interventions.

    Then decide to adjourn the meeting until Monday next 02/22/2016.

    The information department
    Iraqi Council of Representatives

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