Deputy Liberal: get us to the final results of the vote on the amnesty law

2016/2/20 17:36

Deputy Liberal: We have reached the final results of the vote on the amnesty law
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} MP for the Liberal Awad al-Awadi, the bloc "the Legal Committee of the Parliamentary reached now to a final outcome is said to be more than a proposal, and leave it to the House of Representatives; for a vote, and that the freedom of choice away from the consensus."
He said Al-Awadi told {Euphrates News} Today, that "the general amnesty law can not enter into political agreements, and should be a national law and socially," adding that "it will submit this proposal is legal committee, they take the proposals of the political blocs and MPs who represent their people, and they know the sufferings of some of the detainees. "
He expressed the hope to raise a lot of injustice for the detainees, who entered prisons unjustly law, and entered the detention by confidential informant, and this is recognized by the government and the judiciary.
He made clear that "the principle of the Liberal bloc of the amnesty law is that does not bring out any act of terrorism, and this sentence is fixed within the Dictionary of the Liberal bloc and within also our legislation and our proposals in the General Amnesty Law", he underlined that "the terrorists who stained their hands with the blood of Iraqis, and is known to belong to organizations internationally banned terrorist Daash as an organization, and al-Qaida, and Naqshbandi Mujahideen movement and the internationally banned terrorist Titles can not be covered by the law. "
He added that "part of the killing of Iraqis by a car bomb, or muffler, or suicide, and equality of all those you should not get them out of prison, and we must take real punishment."
He pointed out that "some brothers in union powers and the rule of law so far does not distinguish between the terrorist who is part of the terrorist system, and the innocent," noting that "they want to Akhtaiwa all the papers, and this is not possible."
Awadi pointed out that "financial and administrative corruption at the Liberal bloc red line, and some want the introduction of financial corruption within the general amnesty law." Ended h