Najaf: confirming the completion of their projects through postpaid

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02/20/2016 12:01:00 am

Najaf provincial administration opened a tunnel Muslim Ibn Aqeel in the city of Kufa in front of the movement of vehicles after the completion of the first phase of it at a cost of 23 billion dinars, and as revealed its intention to complete stalled projects through payment on credit, the company implemented confirmed that direct the second phase, which included the establishment of facilities inside the tunnel and parking and elevators will take place during the coming months.
The governor of Najaf, Luay al-Yasiri in a speech on the sidelines of the opening of a tunnel Muslim Ibn Aqeel ceremony attended by local religious figures and tribal officials in the province and attended (range Press), "The administration of the province, opened a tunnel Muslim Ibn Aqeel before the movement of vehicles after the completion of the first phase of the tunnel The total cost of 23 billion dinars.
He promised Yasiri, the project carried out by the company (Jordanian setting) Contracting "achievement for the province, and no matter how detailed linking of Najaf, Kufa spend spend." And he gave the governor of Najaf, thanks "executed and the Secretariat of the mosque of Kufa for the company, which contributed to complete the first phase by providing a loan of two billion dinars," revealing "administration of the province's intention to complete the rest of the stalled projects across the deferred payment mechanism, or borrowing from the Provincial Council through the local budget to complete those projects including Mjsr project linking Najaf to spend Manathira, and the road arc V and other infrastructure projects. " For his part, the CEO of (setting) Jordan Contracting flash-Moussawi said in an interview (range Press), "The tunnel project Muslim Ibn Aqeel is one of the important projects in Iraq and the longest tunnels," noting that "the length of the covered area of ​​218 meters, with total The total length of the tunnel of 585 meters in length, featuring 25 thousand tons of reinforced concrete. "
He said al-Moussawi, that "the cost of the completion of the first phase amounted to 18 billion dinars of the total cost amounting to 23 billion dinars," noting that "direct the second phase which includes the establishment of facilities and parking and elevators on both sides of the tunnel, will be in the next few months."
In turn, representative of the General Secretariat of the Mustafa mosque in Kufa, an inch in an interview said to (long-Presse), "The General Secretariat of the mosque in Kufa had provided a loan of two billion dinars without benefits for the body ages, to complete the tunnel project a Muslim Ibn Aqeel."
He added an inch, that "the reconstruction body did not ask for a new loan from the General Secretariat of the mosque," noting that "the request to the Commission to be submitted to the General Secretariat of obtaining approvals in the case filed by."
The Jordanian company General Contracting, announced in December 2014, for the completion of 85% of the tunnel Muslim Ibn Aqeel in the city of Kufa, Najaf governorate project, indicated that the project has reached the final stages, and stressed that the cost of the project exceeded the 23 billion dinars.
The work on the project began in 2013, when the total length of the tunnel Muslim Ibn Aqil 558 m, where the tunnel has two lanes (back and forth), and includes inside Park special vehicles to transport passengers on both sides, in addition to a building consists of three floors inside the first floor set aside to wait for the citizens, as well as the presence of the cafeteria on the second floor, the third floor consists of men's and women's bathrooms in addition to the presence of electricians elevators on each side.
It is noteworthy that the project will provide a system of surveillance cameras and sewage system that works with sensors keeps the tunnel in general without contamination with an integrated fire system, and above the tunnel, there will be parks, gardens and areas Khadr to take a break and sit down.