Technocrats) nominated by the bloc .. Abadi would accept the change 10 ministers out of 20 and the government will continue to be constrained by the quota system

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Posted 19/02/2016 06:07 PM
BAGHDAD - Orient:
Parliamentary sources and the policy suggested that the long anticipated cabinet reshuffle ministerial half cabin while the other half of which remains unchanged. The sources indicated that the political blocs refused to forfeit their share of government positions but agreed to replace the minister and other ministers with different specifications, which means that the government will continue to be constrained by partisan and sectarian quota system. For his part, favored the National Alliance MP Jassem Mohammed Jaafar said the change includes 10 ministers out of 20 under the new reforms because some of the pressure exerted by the blocks on the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. Jaafar said the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi program that includes coverage of 20 ministers of the new reforms, but the pressure by senior figures in the Iraqi government to prevent this, noting that the closer to these may result in a realistic crisis in the Iraqi state and would accept Abadi change less than 10 ministers who do not have specialized certificates for their ministries and failed to do their work during the past period, and added: next week will display the names to parliament for approval on them, stressing that some of the blocks showing intercepted in an effort to maintain its share of the ministerial cabin, a condition is true and try to put sticks in the movement of government reform. He stressed that some political blocs continue to put pressure on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and trying to delay the introduction of new reforms that include changing some of the characters and the cabinet.