Detection of the amnesty did not include exceptions CIP Parliament and kill the president

February 19, 2016 20:18

It revealed to the parliamentary committee for human rights, for exceptions draft general amnesty law, controversial among political blocs, "pointing to" send the Committee's observations on the law to the Parliamentary Legal Committee. "
The member of the Committee dry longings in a statement to "a difference of views between the members of the House of Representatives on an exception covered by the law of amnesty No. 19 for the year 2008, or on parole, particularly, where he sees some lawmakers to give them another chance, as opposed to others that."
Dry explained, "The Human Rights Commission did not participate in the amnesty law has objected to this, and sent written comments to the Legal Committee for discussion and consideration and inclusion."
It showed that "the Human Rights Commission had proposed in the first article of the law which states that relieved a general amnesty for Iraqi Mahkmom the death penalty or a penalty, or in one of deprivation of liberty measures or a fine, to raise the fine because they are dealt with in Article III which it raises from the first article Mapzmth with pay to the state treasury requirement of inclusion in the law. "
She dry "as the Commission proposed, not to the inclusion of all kinds of money-laundering offenses in the law, not just the crimes of money laundering with a view to financing terrorism, as stated in the letter of the law."
She continued, "The committee has proposed raising the fifth paragraph, which is within the exceptions which states that: [does not include all of the cursing of the Parliament [House of Representatives], and does not restrict who wants to criticize the House of Representatives," noting that he "is not justice that does not include amnesty only because he insulted the parliament. "
The dry, it was "in paragraph 11 of the Act, which speaks of, crimes of bribery, embezzlement, and theft of state funds and crimes of financial and administrative corruption, the Commission proposed a condition, which is to be fined double the six times the amount that was embezzled or stolen, or that includes actor amnesty to recover the amount that was embezzled to the state treasury condition. "
With regard to paragraph 14 of the General Amnesty Law, showed dry, that "the human rights committee in Parliament has proposed the inclusion of counterfeiters primary certificate for the purpose of appointment exclusively and earn a living for Mahdoah income, and therefore, the Commission considers that fraud, but does not equate with counterfeiters other certificates for senior positions in the state ".
He pointed out, that "the exceptions contained in the law, any crime that will not be coverage of amnesty is, the former regime, criminals and not bringing them a general amnesty, and terrorist crimes, and offenses against the external security of the state and the rules of procedure, and the crimes of possession of and trade in silenced weapons, and weapons with special classification, and offenses against statutory bodies, such as the killing of the President and the Prime Minister, or forcing the president to a particular work, as well as human trafficking crimes. "
She also Features included exceptions that do not include amnesty "kidnappings, and crimes of smuggling of prisoners and those arrested, or harboring the convicted for the crimes, in addition to drug crimes, and crimes of sodomy, adultery and incest, crimes of embezzlement and theft of state funds, and crimes of financial and administrative corruption, and crimes of smuggling antiquities, crimes money laundering and counterfeiting crimes. "
She said the dry, "We wish the law was passed in the current period because it includes so many exceptions as to achieve some sort of balance between the families of the victims and prisoners, and must be seen from the viewpoint of a humanitarian, not political, in order to reduce the number of detainees and prisoners, does not mean that the perpetrators of terrorist crimes and crimes but serious crimes that can be relieved by and reintegrated back to the community. "