Jubouri's budget calls for the launch of Nineveh and arming tribal and support the Peshmerga in preparation for editing

2016-02-19 18:07:59 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Called on Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, on Friday, to the creation of the reasons for the success of the battle to liberate Nineveh with the launch of the budget to maintain and arming tribal and support the Peshmerga, stressing that Iraq is engaged in the presence of war, no choice about it, while stressing the need to support post "Daash" in peaceful coexistence and reconstruction city.

Jubouri said in a speech delivered at the "Iraqi tribes in Nineveh" conference, which was held in Erbil and attended by Alsumaria News, "The war on Daash the presence of war, no choice about it, and our people in the Nineveh finding it from Daash offender all kinds of torment," pointing out that " this calls for continuous hard work and accelerate the decoding families of Nineveh from the hands of oppressors and the creation of all the needs of the battle, led by arming tribes and support the Peshmerga to be full numbers, equipment. "

He said al-Jubouri, the "logistical requirements imposed to support the province launched a full budget to accommodate the needs of conservative circles and care for the citizens of Nineveh affairs," noting that "military cooperation and clans and the Peshmerga and solidarity shows that we are embarking on a great victory is made by harmony and cooperation, loyalty, and assigned by the support of the international coalition and support of international organizations in coordination with the central government. "

He stressed Jubouri, "the importance of seriously thinking about post-Daash to support stability, coexistence and reconstruction of Nineveh better than it was, and all that can not be achieved unless concerted efforts of all," stressing the need for "tribal effort to achieve civil peace through community reconciliation and to maintain the spirit tolerance and trapping vengeance, closing ranks and pull replies random act and undisciplined. "

The House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, called on Wednesday (January 6, 2016) to remove all the "obstacles" that are delaying the start of liberalization city of Mosul from the control of the organization "Daash" process, stressing the need to take advantage of the "victories" achieved in Anbar.