Names of Iraqi banks covered by the sanctions, which will be issued by the u.s. Department of the Treasury
Friday 19 February 2016

Several days ago we published the subject of penalties will be issued by the u.s. Treasury the right banks and political figures were involved in money-laundering and the financing of militias.
We have to publish the names of banks, if our personalities.

Today, leaked information from Washington into u.s. Treasury and got ourselves some of these leaks, that the Treasury Department has entrusted Mr. David McCormick, Undersecretary of the u.s. Treasury Secretary for International Affairs with the direct supervision of the sanctions file and had recommended that these recommendations will take the process of implementation by mid March.

The leaks have confirmed that Iraqi banks covered by the sanctions is Huda Bank Middle East Bank, Bank country, Bank North Erbil Bank added to the names of businessmen have been active in supporting the militias and support for transfers to Hezbollah in Lebanon as well as the names of Lebanese businessmen and the Lebanese Government has avoided sanctions the commitment of the banking sector, and is expected to leave Beirut on February 9 next to the United States, parliamentary Committee chaired by Attorney Berry form Yassin Jaber and membership of the House now, in the name of the young man, Robert Fadel Mohammed Kabbani, and Berri's media adviser Ali Hamdan, to campaign, lobby, senior us officials, the us Treasury, in Congress and within the Administration, to convince Washington that the commitment of Lebanon's banking sector laws and circulars of the Central Bank, would protect banks from u.s. sanctions.

There are leaks also added two money exchange in Dubai belonging to the Iraqis could not learn their names covered by sanctions

This confirmed leaks that topic which individual accounts Lebanese and Iraqi banks as well as foreign exchange company Jordanian one perfect company name there are individual accounts in Jordanian Housing Bank belonging to Iraqi companies and individuals will be seized and shut down the handle.
And did not stand idly by Arabic Bank Union about us Congress resolution against Hezbollah and other albenkok names but hurried to do contacts with centres of global banking and financial decision and announced that an International Conference of Arab Bank on April 18 in New York hosted by the us Federal Reserve, with support from the us Treasury to secure communication between the Arabic banks including Lebanese banks and between us and the global banking sector and financial and monetary references influencing financial decision and the World Bank.

And the whole subject is money laundering and the financing of militias and Hezbollah It is against the law.