Legal: assignment of senior officials to the first application of the principle of the elimination of the Where did you get this ..


Friday , February 19, 2016

Legal expert Tareq Harb, "said what was done by the Integrity Commission on Thursday to prepare a list of names of two of them senior officials, were the post of deputy prime minister and two of them rank of a minister is the first application that was made ​​by the integrity of the principle of authority (from where did you get this?) Or what he called Code integrity Commission b (graft). "

He said the war in a statement today," for the first time be able to integrity from taking practical legal measures to this principle, although the first bill to the integrity Commission issued in 2004, but this rule does not find application only after 12 years despite the passage of a long time to prove it in the Iraqi legal system have included material (18) to (20) of the integrity Commission Act No. (30) for the year 2011 the provisions of the graft (where did you get this?) when it considered the law, every increase in the money each binding employees by law to report financial disclosure for himself and his wife and his children. "

He said," If it is to ensure financial disclosure funds are not commensurate with the employee's resources or his wife or his children, it is a gain is a project that employee that did not prove the money was won any legitimate sources that the general rule is that any increase in the funds is to increase illegal and on the employee to prove that this increase increase legitimate in order to avoid the procedures prescribed by law against him and which referred to the courts to achieve integrity to question and investigate the source of the money. "

He said the war" if this employee proved that the money obtained by the increase was from a legitimate source are closing the investigation against him either if they did not prove it, the penalty of imprisonment for five years and the death confiscation of money increases and the death fined as much money increase waiting for a law that is to say the death of the charge stiff penalty clause and highly financially example imprisonment for a period of quite a few penalty confiscation of money as if the penalty fine of ten billion dinars, not a few well done COI pedicure on the move after he failed to take since its inception till now. "