Dry warns of Syria for reforms Ebadi

Thursday 02.18.2016

BAGHDAD - A fraternity
MP warned the Kurdistan Alliance Ashwaq dry on Wednesday, the Federal Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi sham reforms implemented after some blocs refused to make fundamental changes in ministerial cabin.
She Dry: Our coalition supports any cabinet reshuffle save the country from the mess, and critical in his favor, warning that this change be a figurehead.
Dry and called for measures that change should be sensitive to the religious representation and national political quota system is far from grim.
Noting that this in turn reinforces the principle of putting the right person in the right place.
Dry and pointed out that a federal Iraq is full of competencies and sects and components it is all worthwhile to take over the task ahead.
She stressed the need for a periodic evaluation of the work of officials, in order to determine its worth to stay in office or dismissal because of shortcomings in his work.