Iraqi money contraband ... and doubts successfully parliamentary efforts to restore them

February 17, 2016 17:46

Author: alzawraapaper

BAGHDAD / nina / Yousef Salman:
Watching the political and parliamentary circles the outcome of the restoration of Iraqi funds smuggled abroad file.

Earlier this month, the House of Representatives has voted to set up a regulatory commission to put the hand on what might have been the remainder of the money / as seen by some MPs / central reservations on the formation of such committees to retrieve the smuggled money, said to have belonged to link some of the members of the committees involved smuggling a political party.

In the face of this parliamentary Finance Committee announced that the special oversight committee that parliament voted to set up to retrieve Iraqi funds abroad will follow the fate of the money is questionable smuggled since 2003 to the present.

The committee member said Masood Haider to the national Iraqi news Agency / NINA / "The new committee will first gather information, government documents, the state institutions for the money, and then internationally to move through coordination with the international Monetary Fund and World Bank because they are the official international by they can follow up and investigate the fate of the state of the accounts and assets or questionable financial transfers. "

" The new committee will go in the near future for the use of approaching internationalism and friendly countries to show possible assistance to Iraq. "
he added that" since 2004 until 2014, entered into the treasury of the Iraqi state 826,000,000,000,000 dinars, or the equivalent of $ 750 billion, "noting" that the Supreme Audit reports and the report of the parliamentary finance committee suggests that $ 100 billion of those amounts do not know where spent and there is no documentation on them. "

He noted that" the authorities and the people involved with those thefts tried to find cover legal for not prosecuting them, and took circuitous routes and rugged to smuggle the money, what will make the process followed was not easy matter. "

Felt Haider that" the work of the new committee will not be easy, and it needs the cooperation of the three authorities and the judicial Council, the economic, security and BSA, and independent bodies, including the body integrity. "

As for the economic and investment commission representative confirmed that most of the stolen money had been smuggled abroad in international banks formal ways and contracts fake.

The Vice-chairman of the Committee Harith al-Harthy / Nina / that" Iraq has the right to recover the smuggled money through internationally competent authorities, it is what will it oversight Committee and the House of Representatives. "

He added that" the work of the oversight Committee does not intersect with the work of the parliamentary integrity Commission, there will be a continuous coordination with the cell combat government corruption, headed by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to follow the files of corruption and money and smuggled to the outside in order to retrieve it. "

He stressed the importance of the government's move to activate the role of Interpol (international police) in the prosecution of corrupt and follow up the work of banks and private banks in order to avoid any possibility of smuggling money.

In turn, MP Hoshyar Abdullah / Nina / the formation oversight Committee was based on a parliamentary proposal to assign an expanded committee comprising members from committees legal, integrity and Finance and economy and Foreign relations is preparing reports to the Council, including the stolen money figures and ways to be retrieved according to a roof fixed. "the parliament also voted to direct the legal Committee to formulate the government's decision is needed to investigate the accounts and balances hovering around suspicions."

He continued, "it was demand from the presidency of the Council of Representatives to approach the international community and international organizations to cooperate with Iraq in order to recover the money smuggled abroad. "

As MP for the National Alliance on net parliament to oblige the government to submit a bill / where did you get this / in cooperation with the judiciary to implement this project.

He's / Nina / that "there are other proposals made ​​by the House of Representatives requires activating the role of the public prosecutor of Iraq, and move the complaint to the perpetrators of corruption and looting the money, and to cooperate with the relevant anti-money laundering and international organizations."

He added that "the presidency of the Council of Representatives has asked the integrity Commission to submit a detailed report on the money smuggled abroad and presented to the Council. "

He stressed that" the parliament will hold a special session is the host of the integrity Commission and the Office of financial supervision, and representatives from the inspectors general of the Central Bank and the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the judiciary, as well as the participation of finance and foreign affairs committees and integrity foreign, security and defense and legal relations to provide statistics and information on the money and property and checking their own destiny ".ohdd on the need to address the cases of officials of dual nationality being prosecuted on corruption charges, in accordance with the laws in force in the countries of nationality, also urged the government and the House of Representatives to work together to follow up on financial transfers and real estate owned to some officials abroad.

On the other hand showed the call / organization inside / bloc Party opposition to the formation of an Iraqi committee to recover funds smuggled abroad, attributed to link some of the members of the committees of political party involved smuggling.

Said bloc president, Ali al-Badri, in a press statement that "all the money has been converted informally through the Central Bank and the Bank of Commerce auction under the pretext of contracts for the execution of projects. "

I suggest a resolution obliging the government to the United Nations approached to work on the recovery of Iraqi funds smuggled and coordination with international companies specialized in this field. But for the parliamentary integrity Commission confirmed that among the mechanisms proposed for recovery is an account Iraqi funds abroad.

He said committee member Abdul Karim Abtan in a press statement that "the parliamentary integrity formed four sub-committees of its members, and met with each of these committees Central Bank and the Fund for recovery of funds in the Ministry of Finance and the integrity Commission and the judiciary, which is a joint responsible for the recovery of funds."

"The parliamentary committee will present its report to the House of Representatives on its meetings with these joints and recovery of funds in the coming sessions." He said, "Among the proposals for the Parliamentary Integrity Commission is to refund mechanisms, including the use of the Arab League and the Security Council as well as the Iraqi funds and account them abroad after 2003 and before.