The national expert group calls for activation of inactive segments

18/2/2016 12:00 am

Baghdad-Hussein thghb Al-Tamimi
Called the national expert group, which features a selection of officials and economic advisers and bankers in Government and the private sector in Iraq, to the adoption of a State programme for the reform of the Iraqi economy, based on the foundations of the group formed by diwani in January last year. Referred to as the national expert team formed by diwani No. 14 of 2015 and includes nine economic advisers, bankers and businessmen.

He called on private sector representative group headed by Director of the Office of the Prime Minister and Mahdi Al-Alaq, a membership of an elite group of economic advisers to the formation of a Government of technocrats whose members enjoy the scientific capacity and professionalism and integrity and sincerity, away from quotas and accelerate the development of its decisions implemented especially regarding supporting and promoting the private sector and encouraged to take its role in supporting the national economy, and expand the State's resources and the rationalization of government expenditures and investment promotion, and to formulate a package of urgent political and economic actions in accordance with the Government programme, in accordance with articles 25 and 26 The Constitution of the Republic of Iraq 2005.

He appealed to the national expert team in his Prime Minister Haidar Abadi that includes government reforms he intends to do, economic reforms package is its emblem, a market economy and private sector support, which is an important part of the Iraqi people has been neglected to a large extent, must be granted full trust to the national session in response to the financial crisis facing the country right now. The statement stressed the importance of the Government's reform plan, software implementation, as called for in his group to move forward on the reform process of the comprehensive implementation of the decisions of the Government package of procedures and policies to support private sector Panel approved continued work over 6 months in all seven hubs (agriculture-industry-tourism-trade insurance finance services), of the curtain on the awful quotas that produced inefficient departments. He also urged the development of a roadmap for reform to lift the machinery of Government, economic and financial in particular, than the deficits and bureaucracy and sagging.

He also noted that the deterioration of oil prices and declining imports of Iraq accordingly, financial statement revealed deadly gaps plaguing the Iraqi economy is one-sided, because thinking about the development of the private sector, to be literate and help in crises, noting that the country's economy turning to consumer revenues his only securing staff salaries and retirees covered by the Social Welfare Act, they millions. The national expert group said that the way out of this crisis is the attribution and the support of the private sector, diversification of sources of financing and encouraging investments in the different sectors and revitalization of dormant economic sectors and reluctant, retrenchment and enlighten public opinion on the actions taken by the Government to cross the crisis.

The national group of experts warned that any failure of اوتباطؤ in addressing the financial crisis, which tmerbha the country will lead to serious repercussions on the living situation of the Commons, as well as the negative impact on the security situation and political.