Yemen needs $ 8 billion for the advancement of the economy 14/03/2012 12:50

According to economic study that Yemen needs to eight billion dollars for the advancement of the economy during the years 2012 and who was threatened with collapse by the crisis caused by the protests over the past year.

The study prepared by the Center for Research and Economic Studies that Yemen needs three billion dollars over the next three months to avoid high rates of unemployment, which worsened after the cessation of 200 companies working in Yemen and lay off employees in order to return to work. the five billion other will work to revive the economy and move the development in the country this year and provide employment opportunities for graduates from universities and institutes in the month of June next and to find treatments economic revive the country and avoid economic collapse.

The study called for stakeholders in the government to the need to develop economic plans feasible for presentation to the Friends of Yemen conference to be held in the capital of Saudi Arabia / Riyadh / to address the development plans and the economic difficulties faced by Yemen result of events in the national scene. The Yemeni government announced a week past on the status of economic recovery plan for the interim period, which extends to two years, aims to restore basic services to citizens in the areas of electricity and oil derivatives, roads and water which was heavily hit by the crisis.

In this framework, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation of Yemen Mohammed al-Saadi, "The economic recovery plan urgent will to a meeting / Friends of Yemen / Riyadh next month for support. " The same source in the hope that the meeting represented a turning station in the quality of the cooperation relations between Yemen and the countries that fall under this group.