Parliamentary Finance: $ 100 billion had disappeared in previous years

17/2/2016, 22:43

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Parliamentary Finance Committee, unveiled Wednesday, for the disappearance of $ 100 billion from the state treasury during the previous years, noting that the Oversight Committee will follow the fate of the special funds of questionable smuggled since 2003.

The committee member said Masood Haider "The Oversight Committee will gather government information and documents to the state institutions for the looted state funds, and then internationally to move through coordination with the International Monetary Fund and World Bank because they are the official international that can follow up and investigate the fate of any financial accounts."

He said Haider, that "since the year 2004 until the year 2014 income to the treasury of the state 826 trillion Iraqi dinars, or the equivalent of $ 750 billion, but we do not know where that money went."

Between Haider and that "the Board of Supreme Audit and report the parliamentary finance committee reports indicate that $ 100 billion of those amounts do not know where he spent There are no official documents on them."