Maliki calls to give confidence to Ebadi and the formation of a caretaker government

Date: 02/17/2016 09:30

Information / BAGHDAD / ..

MP for the coalition of state law, Abdul Salam al-Maliki, Wednesday, the House of Representatives to hold a special session to vote on making the current ministerial cabin caretaker government for only two months, and a vote of confidence only to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi as a prelude to the formation of a new government away from partial solutions or Alterqaah.

Maliki said in a statement received by the agency / information / copy of it, "There is talk about a partial change in the ministerial cabin and information on pressures exerted by some of the blocks to keep its ministers within the ministerial cabin and that is not including them in the change which will lose the essence of the desired goal of reform."

He added that "there is grumbling clear from the street and severe beams and reference on all political parties to assume their responsibilities in the light of the challenges faced by the country, by offering concessions for partisan and factional benefits to achieve the national interest even for one time only and leave the government of real competencies takes off her dress quotas and dependency the party before it gets forbidden and we get to the path of no return him popular with boiling escalation. "

MP for the rule of law and explained that "the House of Representatives is on the first achievement of the demands of the masses as the legitimate and constitutional representative of the Iraqi people and he has to work to draw valid through the next phase map by taking advantage of past experience errors and that there be a realistic work in the spotlight and be informed of the Iraqi people step by step. "

Maliki confirmed "the need for a special session, and navigate directly through the media and by voting a show of hands to make the current government a caretaker for two months the government until a vote of confidence for the prime minister of the new government and the vote of confidence to Ebadi for formation of independent figures and technocrats motto Iraq first away from dependency partisan or Almkoonatih" .

The religious authority in Najaf has demanded Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to "strike with an iron on the corrupt" and the prosecution of all those involved files of corruption and to respond to the demands of demonstrations demanding better services, at a time when al-Abadi waved it to change the cabinet reshuffle in the days Almqublh.anthy / 25 R.