Iraq and Tunisia are heading the development of security cooperation and the pursuit of terrorists

Tuesday, February 16, 2016 - 19:48
Iraq and Tunisia are heading for the development of security cooperation and the pursuit of terrorists
Iraq, Tunisia announced that drove the development of cooperation in the field of security and counter-terrorism. He said Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari - who is visiting Tunisia Halaa- during a press conference with his Tunisian counterpart Khamis Alaghinawa, said that "in the basic class security is through the joint cooperation between the countries that are exposed to terrorism. If it was Libya's security is threatened, which are already threatened and Satahedd more because any victory for Daash in each country will call these terrorists to threaten other countries and it seems from the information available to us in Iraq, they are going to Libya. " "We also reject the terrorists in Iraq, we also Nrvdahm in Libya Wi-Terrorism country in the world and one of the victims as well," and called on "the international community to deal with Libya is also dealing with Iraq." Jaafari stressed "the determination of the armed forces and the Iraqi people to liberate the city of Mosul, because it's second-largest city in Iraq," noting that "the Iraqis are the process of liberation will also did so in the liberation of Salahuddin province and cities in Anbar." And the maneuvers carried out by Saudi Arabia with other countries near Iraq's border with Saudi Arabia to prepare for entering the ground in Syria, al-Jaafari said that "Iraq does not accept to encroach upon the sovereignty and rejection of the presence of Turkish troops in the camp Ba'shiqah fingertips city of Mosul, and we made a complaint to the Security Council that and recommended that direct peaceful dialogue to resolve the issue. " He pointed out that "concerning the cooperation between Iraq and Tunisia, we are seeking more to develop it and confront terrorism and prevent the movement of terrorists, and in such unconventional warfare would cooperate important and we will meet with Tunisian officials to discuss in this regard and hope to cooperating countries to prevent the movement of terrorists." For his part, Tunisian Foreign Minister Khamis Alaghinawa, "We are in principle against any ground intervention and try as much as possible not located any military intervention because we clearly know that any interference of this kind is never solve any problem either in Libya or Yemen and others, and we are keen to solution peaceful and stress the importance of the Arab security, whether in the Gulf or the East and the Maghreb. " He pointed out that "there are well-developed relations between Tunisia and Iraq, but we regret the delay in this collaboration, and now we have several areas we will discuss them and seek to activate the joint committee before the end of this year and focus on the development of security cooperation and to intensify the exchange of information between the two countries as well as in the air transport and we will be activated in the months the next. " "There is also the desire and the idea for the development of cooperation in the field of tourism, where many areas to attract Iraqi tourists to Tunisia and we will arrange the conduct of the process of granting visa [Visa] them special and we have many of the tourist areas as there is cooperation in the cultural field and had previously been a number of cultural events set up and we want Bilateral cooperation in various fields is not unlimited. " And on the situation in Libya, adjacent to the border of Tunisia to the west Alaghinawa that "Our primary goal is to push the Libyan parties to find a political solution among themselves and form a government, he settled in Tripoli and take matters in order to be addressed in the international community." He added that "the security of Libya from Tunisia's security is very important to stabilize the new government, which is unfortunately difficult presence and we hope that the formation is achieved as soon as a basic tool in the fight against terrorism in Libya."