Abadi: Willing to leave office would not watch any ground intervention in Syria

Tuesday, February 16, 2016 - 11:10

Abadi: Willing to leave the office and will not watch any ground intervention in Syria
Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said he was ready to leave office if achieved comprehensive cabinet reshuffle on Altankoaqrat "warning" any ground intervention in Syria and Iraq Tafrja so it will not stand. " Abadi said in an interview, "I'm ready to leave the office and do not stick to it, but I am not evading responsibility and if they want to completely change Fmstad so" revealing "asking him to resign earlier." Without specifying who asked him to do so. He added that the "recovery of state property was one of the reforms will not be the property of the citizens yesterday, but both got the property and money illegally and outside controls and contexts, we will take action against him." He pointed out, "The political parties got 50 000 meters at a nominal price, and ask why he got this party [without naming]? There are exceeded on a public street and sidewalk private lands her political point of vast it any right and must be enabled to prevent this overtaking and I'm going political battle that's why I'm not against somebody, but against waiver, theft and manipulation of public funds. " He continued Abadi "There has political office and economical and has lots of budget and decades of political views what right has this, so we push to pass the political parties law, which determines the funding of political parties on the estimated size of the earned election and I'm going to tough measures where reforms to the community." The Prime Minister said: "I have many objections with the Kurdistan region did not enter battles public with him but we have taken all the right actions and refused to exchange any place where injustice to others, and we are not willing to stay in power and achieve personal interest even ground the province to give the right of another province because the prime minister site sees Iraqis into one". He said the "referendum province redundant loop will lead to more tension I do not see the interest of the Kurds to secede," he said, adding that "in the interest of the Kurds and all Iraqis to stay together," he said, adding that "Germany and stood with Iraq in this regard and supports the unity of Iraq." The Prime Minister explained that "the region gets the revenues from oil, which issued" and wondered "why there is no transparency about the region's oil revenue source." He said al-Abadi said, "to hand us the region's imports of oil and we hand them over salaries." He stressed that Egypt is "a change ministerial substantially," noting that "ignore the political blocs and the House of Representatives means to enter into a conflict with them," he said. "There are those who object to the professionals Minister professionals and seeks to bring his group." And on the financial situation Abadi said that "Iraq has a reformist moves more than expected, and he deserves to stand with him in financial facilities," adding that "Iraq does not want handouts from the world." He added that "Iraq defending the region and the whole world, and needs support," pointing out that "the collapse in oil prices means the decline of war against terrorism and it hurts the world." And "When I receive the government said a lot to me that he could not hold Shi country is threatened and Daash close to Baghdad, but we have made great achievements with the lack of financial resources and the confidence of our people." He pointed out "there is no commander has everyone and I hear the objections must be maintained on the opposition and there are voice opposition to prove their existence and the other speaks words Moduaaa indicate a malfunction benefit from it and correct it and acknowledge it is not ashamed of that prime minister does not have access to all the details in the country but through the executive organs of the government ". And news intention dissolved the popular crowd Abadi denied this, saying, "I do not want to solve the popular crowd and those who want it is not a national, not keen on the homeland," noting that "the popular crowd followed the authority of the Prime Minister, how is the continued and absolved him ?! So you must support the crowd such as the army. " He added that "the army is drawing to a proper performance after the fight against corruption and reduce excesses in it, and this is when accounting a horseshoe is the reform as well as in the popular crowd in which volunteers and some people are fighting for home without pay for months, so should not be allowed to others to exploit these to build gunmen outside the crowd and takes the money fighters to finance his gunmen and achieve something in the next Alantahabat and has a small part in the crowd, but it takes a big salary to fund outside of the crowd and it hurts the crowd and the injustice. " The Abadi "We are determined to implement the correct measures to keep the real fighters, we recorded a problem in managing the crowd and there are two salaries were not paid for fighters despite the existence of financial allocations but has been increasing number of outside assignments and did not act to fighters in the fronts and given to sitting at home because they are affiliated with a certain destinations and told me leaders many that corruption exists in the popular crowd and they with us to eliminate it to strengthen and keep the crowd because it is the hope of the citizen and the homeland. " "It is my duty to protect and care for the popular crowd real fighters and those who want to work in politics there is a dedicated field of his day a lot of actors have military wings, how will enter the elections? Do Sntsara for influence? ". "The inspector general of the popular crowd, which continued to the Badr Organisation, told me that he went to a lot of the crowd camps can not find fighters and we find 60% of them all, so it must be solved and should not engage fighters without training." And the raw Gulf state and Turkey to send ground troops into Syria, the Prime Minister announced that Iraq's refusal to intervene, saying: "Of course Syria and The need for a political solution of it is outdated Wi-regional intervention in Syria is very serious and formally declared it as a position of government." He stressed: "We reject any intervention of troops from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and Turkey to Syria and this will make there western borders of Iraq and the suffering of these interventions was the establishment of a regional conflict Daash, do you want to create something else? Or something new? Syria has borders and citizens need to stop the fighting in Syria and the Syrian people is to choose its political system. " He said the "entry of these forces warn him and will lead to new blood and new war and perhaps in Iraq, we are more people lost from the blood and eliminate minorities and infrastructure will not stand by this intervention and we warn everyone from entering any troops to Syria in this regard." Abadi pointed to "the entry of Turkish troops in Iraq and we continue to ask to get out and I said to the officials, the Turks need to be withdrawn and will not be silent and we got the decision and we will get a second resolution should be out of the Turkish troops from Iraqi territory." He explained that "it is scheduled to visit the Turkish prime minister to Iraq soon convene a meeting of the Joint Higher Committee." He continued, "We are not against any country, but to convey these countries clash in Syrian territory and become a Turkish Iranian diagonal struggle Saudi Rossi, it is not a solution, but the involvement can not get out of it and therefore we will see more tragedies," he said. "Our position is clear to reject the interference of any foreign troops, the Syrian territory and whether for these countries keenness on Syria, it should promote a political solution and the elimination of the Front victory and Daash. "