Zamili reveals the "news": senior officials in the ministries of electricity and oil finance al-Qaeda
On: Wednesday 14/3/2012 9:49

Baghdad) news) .. A member of the security and defense committee in Parliament MP from / National Alliance / governor Zamili, for information to confirm the presence of senior officials in the ministries of electricity, oil extend a helping hand and funded Al Qaeda.
said Zamili (of the Agency news) said on Wednesday: There staff with varying especially in the ministries of electricity and oil are helping finance al-Qaeda, by facilitating their process Alqtoat oil any (quotas) for trafficking, as well as the acquisition of projects in the western region of the power of electricity, and refused to Zamili disclose the names of those involved with al Qaeda.
He Zamili: What was discovered Mbeefkat large in the western desert is to be expected that these areas out of sight, confirming that this is not the camp only in the western regions adjacent to Saudi Arabia may be no more than a camp as a vast area and is uninhabited and can not be secured because the security services Iraq does not have the effort Joey could processor, and continued: There is also no effort to ground control and believes in that region.
and Zamili: that al-Qaeda took advantage of that area and have begun training and Aato for themselves the freedom to training as they are trained and working in Afghanistan.
He pointed out: that the Committee has the information confirms that some impose fines for feeding al-Qaeda in those areas, especially after it became a matter for them difficult to get money from abroad, but now Daw use their power and their influence by officials in government departments, especially in the oil sector, electricity and threatened with death and destruction, explained that the information confirms Some of these joints task they are local officials and the Federal Ministry gives money through oil smuggling and through control of the electricity, where they collect big money to build these camps, and there is of gloss on them by the security services, so the government is seeking to be no cooperation with the security services to arrest them.
He guessed Zamili: to be the reason for the uniqueness of these officials in power is not to pursue the ministries concerned with them being still some works in the Department of Oil and Qtoat oil, at the level of junior staff or senior, but unfortunately we did not find the following and watching them because there are loose threads in that ministry was not there also an intelligence effort, as well as the presence of big money may influence and bribe officials. / Finished / 3. for.