This is what happened within the Shiite House on reforms .. National Alliance for Ebadi: either you are with us in the boat or sink alone

2016-02-16 05:07:28 | (Voice of Iraq) -

BAGHDAD - Orient:
An informed source in the National Alliance revealed the conditions provided by the leadership of the Alliance at its meeting last Saturday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in a cabinet reshuffle in his government, who called him last week. The source said that «the meeting trading in place reforms and a speech last Abadi, which included a call for the ministerial change and record forms on Abadi use way to inform the political partners through the media and holding General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to a questionnaire from the minister and what it of problematic HTC them». He added that «the meeting stressed that the reshuffle is not this way, but through the Committee of professional, efficient and well-known resident, through evaluation of scientific criteria and not to adopt a mechanism to provide [offerings], because the minister efficient must be honored and encouraged». The source pointed out that «the meeting stressed that the problem is not always persons, but the absence of vision and program», pointing to «put the meeting three options for a cabinet reshuffle, the first either Prime Minister offers a vision for change to the National Alliance or vice versa, or that the prime minister goes alone to change and then be political blocs in a solution of her. » He called a meeting of the National Alliance leadership body, according to the source «the prime minister to choose one of these options because everyone is in the same boat, but can not be watching the sinking.» Abadi and the proposal for the formation of a government of technocrats «If he saw a way out of the National Alliance should everyone from the prime minister includes the ministers and deputy ministers and directors-general and be a portfolio of project blocs through parliament then». The source in the National Alliance that the meeting «concluded that al-Abadi does not take any step which after a strategic or important only after presentation to the National Alliance» indicating that «coalition has pledged to hold a meeting within 48 hours to any issue of this kind». He said «also decided to allocate a special ministerial meeting to discuss the amendments and implementation mechanisms put reform submitted by the blocs papers for discussion and adoption of a uniform sheet adopted by the government in its reform program.» The source revealed that al-Abadi told the meeting that he intends to bring economists and international experts in order to provide a comprehensive vision of economic reform in Iraq ». It was the leadership of the National Alliance has been discussed at the meeting, which was held last Saturday in the presence of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi most important issues related to the security situation, and the economic and political, and the position of religious authority, a statement of the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr on reforms. He stressed the audience in a statement on «the importance of the reforms offered by the government program in its early stages that, and reforms that will provide the government to conduct in the near future», stressing «the need for real participation in the preparation and implementation of any government program that would address the current problems, particularly the security file, and financial .