Ahmed Alwani calls for a showdown between the political blocs to resolve the crisis .. and preclude the holding of the National Congress before the Arab Summit
On: Wednesday 14/3/2012 9:26

Baghdad (news) .. MP for / coalition in Iraq / Ahmed Alwani lack of seriousness of the political blocs to hold the National Congress and that the contract will not be there is no point in holding the conference, noting that the only solution to the country's emergence from the crisis to convene a meeting showdown between the political blocs.
said Alwani in a statement (of the Agency news) on Wednesday: There is no seriousness in the political blocs to hold national conference so it will not hold a conference before the Arab summit and that the contract will not be there were radical solutions to outstanding problems in the event held after the summit, will not there is benefit desired from his contract.
He added that the only solution to exit the country from the current crisis is to build bridges of trust and meeting a real openness to solve all the problems outstanding and the elimination of manifestations bad for the political process, which was the reason for access to what we are now in crisis.
said MP for the coalition in Iraq to: that the passage of two and a half of life of the government and there was no minister Omniyon and implementation of the Arbil sponsored by the President of Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani on Constitutional Reforms and the balance in the institutions of the state and nation-building institutions and other things.
and between al-Alwani: that were not there showdown real between the political blocs to discuss all things transparently and a genuine desire for reform is not the value of the National Conference, both held by the Arab summit or after.
The MP for the / Kurdistan Alliance bloc / Hassan Jihad likely Takhirakd National Congress to impose agendas on the political forces and held after the Arab summit.
Jihad said in an earlier statement (the news): No One can diagnose the cause of delay in the National Congress because of all the political blocs had expressed willingness and desire the need to convene the National Congress, but after the imposition of agendas of the political blocs complicated things become not conducive to the national conference was held before the Arab Summit.
He added that the National Conference will be held after the Arab summit, but would not not "magic wand" and solve all outstanding differences, but will address some outstanding issues which need to be addressed to the political process forward, noting that the political process in dire need of the National Congress for the conduct of the political process.
He jihad: that some political forces (not designated) imposed agendas for the postponement of the National Congress after the Arab Summit. / Finished / 2.