The destruction of four banks belonging to Daash in Mosul

11:41 15/2/2016

Security sources reported on Monday that the international coalition warplanes bombed the Iraqi Central Bank branch building in Mosul controlled by Daash also destroyed the other two banks Zakat Chamber of the organization there.

The security source said that the international coalition aircraft launched intensive air raids, targeting the Iraqi Central Bank city branch building, and building the Land Bank branch, and the building of a branch of the Rasheed Bank, which resulted in the complete destruction, adding that the raids also resulted in the destruction of the Zakat Chamber building and charity Daash of the organization in the city.

The security source, speaking on casualties among civilians, as well as obtain significant material damage to property, including homes and commercial complexes near places bombing, pointing to the lack of knowledge of the nature of human casualties so far among the ranks of the organization.

Site 'depths' of the organization 'Daash' also published a video showing the bombing and devouring fire for banks to fully process.

On the other hand, close to the organization 'Daash' sources that regulation emptied the contents of the banks in the city of Mosul, the bulk of financial stocks, after the start targeting banks by the international coalition aircraft, and transported by trucks to an unknown destination outside the city.

The international coalition aircraft destroyed two banks last month in Mosul, said they used a key K'mooy store in which the organization money. "