A final opportunity to Ebadi

19:30 15/2/2016

Confident Jabri

Iraqis are fed up of waiting too long, and as a result of promises of exporting electricity, and wrestled their insides to wait reap the benefits of Palm City, taking advantage of its product as a weapon in the battle, lasting and oil is not controlled by OPEC, or the requirements of global interests.

Not surprised any Iraqi reports of the international inspector, and his declaration that the hospitals that exchange billions of mere ink on paper, and the percentage of completion 0%, and fake sports ministry and the secretariat of the capital projects.

These projects in the years 2009 to 2014, and what were the television cameras and tapes opening only images advertising constituency, where the device is transferred from the building to the other, or an image for each side to nominate a project, and so wasted billions, with no need for any citizen to inform him of the Attorney Zainab visual; that money smuggled in foreign banks.

Right Abadi that Esthat anger, he says, is found in the treasury $ 6 billion only, and money wasted on propaganda and gain electoral, and in Iraq, the commander of the necessity missed a wealth of Iraq, and there is a footnote and beneficiaries Aarkol reforms, did not say, like all whales corruption, and what are his plans to get rid of what Fiat controls the backbone of the country, paralyzing the movement of thinking about building Shubra.

Inviting Abadi last technocrats, not new has many understand that the technocrats independent not partisan, and they believe that the problem of corruption, partisan, yes, perhaps there parties may be mostly, put interests of party above national considerations, but obviously it is more personal than partisan, and its catalog corrupt move between menus, major disaster that the list of the ruling party; they are home to all outcast and Disqualified and accused of corruption.

The parties realized that they are wrong, and the duty to correct its mistakes catastrophic right of its people, and the reforms are not slogans launched by politicians to gain the trust of the street and absorb his anger, there is no solution without root out corruption, and bridging the dens of the crime of corruption, which are arranged in a deep state; run institutions into the abyss and cost that projection Iraq, and he entered the chaos of unforeseeable consequences, and Ras al-Abadi required first, there is no way to beat him, but the big heads, opening corrupted files flooded Iraq, and on the parties to provide a competent and eager personalities, and this last opportunity.

Beyond these astronomical numbers exhibited by international reports whales senior, it is still practiced her crime and swim Iraqi blood.

Maybe Abadi did not say it in his speeches, and members of the list refers to the existence of corruption, but they did not Issarhawwa people; that they were Mtsidin responsibility, and I wish the MP which refers to corruption, to show Abadi or explain to the Iraqi people who are senior corrupt, has Somna tossing accusations, a better Balebadi to announce to the Iraqi people to stand with his face, and held accountable for negligent manner, "Where did you get this," because they penetrated in the state, and they went out Kharh of dough files, and in the list are those who believe he is not qualified for leadership, they are the first disruptive reforms, and therefore their ad, and just like in some parties are corrupt; there is a sincere and individual phenomenon of corruption; corrupt wanted to make them public; to get lost in the blur and placed on the facts involved, and charged to others