Citizen and virtue, and the Liberal respond to the "technocratic" Abadi

02/15/2016 11:26 pm (Baghdad time)

Mohammed al-Tamimi report
Initiated by political parties and blocs to launch a reform projects Tapent among them differed according to the vision of each, it is his side fired the leader of Sadr reformist project and gave the government 45 days to implement the Islamic Virtue Party, followed by the head of the mass Ammar Tohme and some give a vision of the reforms that the government should implement them, met with political body was the Supreme Council for the Islamic bloc citizen and confirmed the formation of a majority political bloc in accordance with the national program to repair the situation.

Sadr in a televised speech broadcast media channels gave his statement, which dealt with the following ..

Economic reforms:

1 restructuring banks and the inauguration of the governor of the central bank.

2 set strict rules for the auction of the currency and the issuance of domestic bonds.

3 prevent the import of any competing product and support small businesses and to support industrial and agricultural sector.

4 to encourage national investment and the privatization of some public files.

Supervisory reforms:

1 the government to activate the role of the Attorney General and the Iraqi judiciary.

2 inauguration of a competent judge to manage the Integrity Commission.

3 to form a competent ministerial follow-up contracts since 2003 until the present time.

4 need to form a special reconstruction of the Council of the reconstruction of liberated areas.

Security reforms:

1 conversion Authority popular crowd behavior of the ministries of defense and interior.

2 take concrete measures to restrict arms possession to the state in order to mitigate the attacks, and provide all the innocents leaders to the House of Representatives.

3 hold all negligent in the case of Speicher.

4 dimensions of the popular crowd on the safe areas, and the dismissal of all the shorted security official.

5 previous government accountable for the loss of Mosul and Anbar.

Political reforms:

1 the formation of a dedicated team to restructure the government better and should include the current prime minister, a political unknown, known judge, educator known, and employees retired this team will contribute to the restructuring of the government and take real reform measures serve the reality of the country.

It gave Sadr the government for a maximum of 45 a day to implement reforms and otherwise would withdraw from the political process, followed by its liberal bloc, saying a news conference, said that "the initiative of the chest reformist purely and withdraw from the political process in the event of failure to respond to Mtalibh during a maximum period of 45 days."

On a later Islamic Virtue Party launched a reformist project last, where he stressed the prime virtue Bloc Ammar Tohme, that the reform process that requires concessions fair reciprocal done through frank dialogue based on common grounds, while noting that the multiplicity of calls for reform requires the formulation within the unitary project national concerted ensures all political forces to achieve and avoid fragmentation of effort and intersection.

He said Tohme said in the statement unleashed, "Reform requires concessions from all parties is through continued frank and transparent dialogue based on an agreed basis and such faith in the unity of Iraq's land and people and the equality of all individuals in rights and duties on the basis of citizenship and belonging to Iraq."

He called for "respect for the achievements of the political process that has sacrificed the people in order to achieve such as the constitution as a political reference and the election mechanism democracy and state institutions, and that any claim amendment and the change has to be within the mechanisms guaranteed by the Constitution for the approval of the majority of the people it, as well as the rejection of political blackmail and take terrorism and other problems means to collect further gains in excess of the fair ceilings for benefits and the rejection of all non-constitutional means. "

He noted the need to "take into account national and professional controls, integrity and efficiency in the selection of civilian and military leaders of the country and seek to reform the state building and its institutions."

He pointed out that "the reform focuses on the group steps as a priority in achieving reforms, including amending the election law to provide a real opportunity for choice voters and secretes a true representation of the will of citizens, granting the seat to the candidate's Supreme noises then the next, and so regardless of the affiliation of the lists, in addition to the re-formation of the election commission away from quotas and the dominance of parties that back with all parties in the elections, through the formation of the Office depends competence and independence to nominate professors and specialists with the help of the United Nations to guarantee the availability watchdog transparent and impartial manages the electoral process. "

As stipulated, the Parliament approve the state of development of natural resources and a review of previous decades contracts in accordance with the principle of achieving the highest benefit to the Iraqi people, as well as the establishment of an independent body to public inspection have a chairman associated Inspectors General in the ministries and appoints the approval of the parliament. "

And he demanded that "officials have in the regulatory bodies independent really from the executive branch and be nominated by civil society organizations and political associations is participating in the government and thus guarantee the independence of the regulatory agencies in the performance of their role in holding accountable those responsible and scrutiny of their work and the fight against corruption."

Also called for "legislation of laws, including deterrent punishments to senior officials who hire leverage the power and resources of the state to gain factional illegal include sanctions, deprivation of political work for certain periods or for life, according to the nature of the offense committed, as well as the unification of the de headwaters approach takfiri efforts through dialogue conferences between the religion of all denominations and religions and the media highlighting the authentic Islam, which rejects these barbaric practices. "

He stressed "the interest in building a professional and impartial armed forces rear on the doctrine of national and block attempts to weaken the armed forces and the evacuation of the arena to tamper selfish and those with weak interests, as well as limiting arms possession State rationing of work were part of the armed factions in the popular crowd and the ban on carrying weapons in cities, but government troops and prevention take the headquarters of the armed factions in it. "

He said the need to "support the sources of fiscal revenue from non-oil, especially in the field of agriculture and manufacturers and the private sector and stimulate citizens' savings in banks by increasing the interest granted to the deposits and thus the government provides cash benefit of its citizens who are unable to invest their money may dispense with this by borrowing from foreign banks with the harsh conditions. "

The statement concluded by calling for a "credible mediator adoption of the conflicting parties to achieve national reconciliation, which owns the social depth and extensive influence in Iraqi conscience and suggest the formation of the Senate and the wise mechanism adopts a process to achieve this arduous task."

ISCI has orientations and was also felt thus confirmed the body was leading the Political Bureau of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, its full support to the position of supreme religious authority and its handling of political, security, economic and service conditions and others, calling for the formation of a majority political bloc in accordance with the national program to repair the situation.

According to a statement of the Supreme Council, said that "the Authority leadership and the Politburo of the SIIC held a joint meeting on the recent situation experienced by the country, the meeting decided, its full support to the position of supreme religious authority and its handling of political, security, economic and service conditions and others."

He continued, "The meeting decided to cooperate with the forces of the National Alliance and the Iraqi political and parliamentary powers to form a majority political bloc in accordance with the national program to repair the situation, also it decides to endorse the reforms approved by the Prime Minister to fight corruption and streamlining the work of the state and the face of difficult economic conditions and to meet battlefield requirements against Daash and terrorism to achieve victory the expeditious and cleanse the land of Iraq from their evil. "

The statement said "the call about independents or technocrats and an end to political quota system in order to be honest and serious must include everyone, including the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and Atptad to the will of the overwhelming majority of the Iraqi people."

According deems observers and analysts that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi may resort to announce the formation of a government rescue "emergency" if the political blocs did not respond to his call to change the minister and the restructuring of the existing government on partisan quotas.

It is said that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi called for a cabinet reshuffle and an essential form a government Techno Hippocrates, after the religious authority decided to cancel the political speeches in every Friday in the position Mphaji.anthy 29 / D 24