Liberal: Maliki government to take responsibility for the collapse of the economy

02/15/2016 13:14 pm (Baghdad time)

Special - balances News
Download MP for the Liberal bloc proof Mamouri, Monday, Maliki's government responsible for the deterioration of Iraq's economy now, stressing the need to implement economic reforms launched by the leader of the Sadrist movement for the advancement of the country's economy in relative terms.

Said Mamouri, a member of the Committee Alatqsad and investment parliamentary L / balance News /, that "everyone called for the support and activation and to find radical solutions are not prosthesis economic crisis experienced by Iraq as it if there was a non-oil resources to Iraq came to a state of economic collapse," he said, adding that he "there is no alternative for Iraq to the recovery of its economy only activate those revenues."

He added, "The plans and departments are incorrect brought the country's economy to what it is now," noting that "not the right man in the right place and there is a promise of clear visions and abhorrent quotas led to the deterioration of the economy."

And between, he said that "misguided policies undertaken by successive previous governments and limit this moment show negative effects on the Iraqi people and Iraq," explaining that "when fired cleric Moqtada al-Sadr's recent reforms This means that there is a real threat to Iraq."

He called for the adoption of the paragraphs of the reform to be passed to address Iraq's economic and lifted albeit relative. "

The committee of economy and investment parliamentary Ezzat, earlier, the deterioration of the economic situation to the absence of strategies and plans over the past years, indicating that the ill-considered decisions have led to cause havoc in all the institutions. Ended 29/4 e