Conscious / Nassif calls for the governments under the rescue and resolve the crisis

14/02/2016 08:20

Conscious / Baghdad / M.v

MP has called for a coalition of state law, high Nassif, Sunday, to form a "shadow government" in parliament to represent the opposition forces and control the performance of the government, while expressed the hope that the planned changes include all ministerial cabin "The problem over quotas".

Nassif said in his transfer reporter told (news agency, media / INA) , we hope that the government changes are to be realistic and substantive changes include all ministerial cabin, "and to the fact that" the ministerial cabin has a fully formed through the quota system, where there are no owners of competencies among ministers, as they have passed without taking full quorum to vote, but by agreement between the blocs that cared ".

She added that the changes must be substantial, and that all ministers include being give a serious indication of the fact that the minister, who comes out would be seen as the Minister of corrupt or inefficient, while the stay is it fair, "pointing out that" the government has not developed a specific mechanism for change, and that political blocs will be held accountable talking change without including himself because he is also has come out of the womb of the quota system.

It also called Nassif to "a majority government policy through parliament, where he will shadow government in the House of Representatives of the calendar and monitor the work of the government, helping to resolve the crisis experienced by the country , while showed that al-Abadi strategy should tend towards forming a government rescue ten ministers technocrats far from the parliamentary political blocs.

All the political blocs and wait for the changes heralded by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi at the ministerial level, which is expected to include more than five ministers, including finance and foreign affairs and transport, while blessed some blocks these changes, showed other blocks willingness to form a majority political bloc in accordance with the national program for reform .
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