National Alliance criticizes Sabhan: We reject the brazen interference in the work of the judiciary

02/15/2016 (00:01 pm)

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse

Legal Committee of the Parliamentary promised, on Sunday, demanding the Saudi ambassador in Iraq retrial Saudis convicted encroachment on national sovereignty and skeptical of the Iraqi judiciary.

While the Ministry of Justice showed that the mission is limited to the implementation of the judicial proceedings, and that it is not interested in regional Baltjazbat.

The Saudi ambassador in Iraq, Thamir Sabhan , he has touched, in an interview with the Saudi Arabia, the Saudi prisoners in Iraq file, noting that "it has to address the Iraqi authorities concerned to discuss their cases, and the possibility of re-trials defense lawyers from the embassy, ​​after the disclosure of a number of prisoners being subjected to pressure during the investigations carried out with them."

The MP said the National Alliance Salim Chawki, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "the claim Saudi ambassador retrial Saudis convicts ordered affect Iraqi sovereignty and against the law", refusing to "discredit Sabhan Iraqi elimination."

He said Shawki that "the crimes committed by the governed the Saudis have signed on Iraqi soil, so the Iraqi judiciary is governed, for entering Iraqi territory illegally and participating in terrorist acts killed thousands of Iraqis, "stressing that" the Iraqi judiciary depends legal proceedings and can not listen to the fallacies Sabhan. "

He asked a member of the legal Committee parliamentary "not the ambassador knows that there is no extradition agreement or retrial between Iraq and Saudi Arabia?", accusing Sabhan as "interfering in Iraqi affairs by about shameless, and if it continues to do so, there will be a strong response by the Iraqis."

For his part, the Qassam-Hattab, Director human rights Department at the Ministry of Justice's (long-Presse), that "the ministry an executive task implementation of judicial procedures issued by Iraqi courts and have no income retrial reviews from prisoners has, under the separation of powers, which was after 2003". Hattab said that "the judiciary is concerned judgmental or approval of the re-trial of the convicted," pointing to the responsibility of the President of the Republic in the ratification of death sentences.

The director of the Human Rights Division of the Justice Department, that "the only authority that has the right to stop the execution of sentences or retrial , after the issuance of a presidential decree, is the prosecutor of the judicial authority and not also to the Ministry of Justice, "pointing out that" the ministry is not interested in political matters or territorial disputes, or ambassador's remarks, although they are part of the government apparatus. "

In turn, said a spokesman for the Supreme judicial Council Abdul Sattar Bayraktar, in a brief statement to the (long-Presse), said that the "right of any doomed to claim a retrial if available, has the conditions set forth in the Code of criminal Procedure," adding that the "most important of these conditions the emergence of new evidence the cause of the convict, or if he was able to prove beyond doubt that fraud prosecution witnesses. "

The Minister of Justice Haider Zamili declared, on the third of February 2016, the execution of Saudi senior leader of al-Qaeda, Abdullah Azzam al-Qahtani, inside the Central prison of Nasiriyah, as he pointed out that the" terrorist " sentenced to three years ago.