Alnasiri: the banking sector reforms first

2/15/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Joseph Zayer
For Press Rubaie Baghdadi group released the researcher and economist Samir Abbas Alnasiri book «banking sector reform first step of economic reforms in Iraq». The have been printed and distributed the book within the Union of Arab Banks activities in supplying the Arab library with new and important research in support of the experts and bankers and all those interested in banking culture.

Author Department of the book into two parts first, entitled «banking reform in Iraq» this section included eight chapters, while the second section, which dealt with «the banking sector reform in the government program (2014 2018)» consists of eight chapters as well, also included book four supplements.

Have expressed Alnasiri in his introduction to a book about hope in the activation of the application of economic reforms for being the main gate to all the other reforms, through the effort expended in the studies and ideas which was annexed by the book, suggestions and processors as well as the feet on the path of banking reform proper.

He wished the author also contribute the ideas contained within the 166 pages of the book in the development of a realistic reform program possible application, and noted Alnasiri to the rule book based on the study and analysis of the reality of Iraqi banks in the current economic conditions.

The Alnasiri noted in the second quarter to «the economic reality of the turbulent financial crisis passes by Iraq began to affect a significant impact on the block the implementation of the government's plans and the private sector in economic development in addition to the apparent failure in creating new economic resources and poor economic planning and lack of coordination between fiscal and monetary policies ».

the« the great disaster it is a liquidity crisis that has plagued Iraq, particularly government and private banks, which 55 banks totaling including branches of Arab and foreign banks operating in Iraq, due to lower deposits and higher overdue debt repayment rates higher than planned in the standard of accounting standards has led and will lead to Onhiaroavlass some banks, which will create a lack of trust between the citizen and the banking system ».

And gave the author in search of whatever in the third quarter for the «development of the private sector, the mainstay of the reform of the Iraqi economy» It is well known the extent of focus by all those interested in economic affairs and the Iraqi reforms especially Eduard this search.

He concluded Alnasiri at the conclusion of this chapter to «work on private corporate governance regulations legislation and adopted in government and private institutions, and seek to issue legislation that allows the involvement of specialists and professionals from the private sector as members of the public corporate boards ».

and he argued in Chapter VII of the importance of the media's role in economic life as it pointed out that« during last June pervaded Iraqi money market chaos and confusion and Thuala and miscalculation and interventions from many parties led to lack of control over the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the US dollar and has been one of the main reasons so that some of the media non-economic (or the media is concerned) Rogge and analyzed news unrealistic marred by lack of transparency in the transfer of news and analysis according to the visions private intentionally or unintentionally hurt the Iraqi economy ».

in this Alnasiri notes« that the media and the economy in the multifaceted and enduring relationship a partnership, and they are in the same front to meet the challenges they face together, and if we assume that the economy can make flags successful it is certain that the media can also that makes a successful economy ».

The author continues to provide visions and Amaagath of the various challenges facing the economy and the banking sector of the Iraqi part of the rest of the seasons.