Government reforms are consistent with the development plans

2/15/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD Farah pumice
Exhorted consultant in industrial development and investment on the need to implement the plans and strategies drawn up by the government for the advancement of the Iraqi economy, to achieve an increase in the gross domestic product, through the support of various sectors in the country and improve its production, to coincide with the Renaissance reformist government.

Economic member of Baghdad forum Amer Jeweler stressed the importance of effective and practical adoption to achieve diversity in the economy, plans and standards based on the strategies approved, by setting a goal to increase the percentage of the participation of all economic sectors in GDP over the past Almqublh.oroy Jeweler that the circumstances and the wars before 2003 led to the virtual collapse of the economy and services and infrastructure and the low participation of economic sectors in GDP in favor of oil, which decreased the percentage utilization in manufacturing .

So explained that the industrial strategy up to the year 2030 actual direct confirmed Ptashiq process of implementing the strategies approved to benefit from the opportunities and minimize the waste of time, through the adoption of the principle active participation of the private sector. As for the reality of the situation, he noted jeweler to a marked reluctance in implementing the strategies approved in advance, the most prominent of strategic power, which led to the loss of the opportunity and time, and the low participation of the productive sectors in GDP, calling at the same time to involve experts and local consultants in preparing the reforms which Tatzmha government, through follow-up implementation, monitoring and evaluation to increase their representation in the committees coordinating mechanisms for effective and efficient with them.

He also stressed that the decisions and plans the strategy to be practical and effective sustainable scalable and update successive governments committed to implementing flexibility and creativity, with an attempt to leave the fingerprints of each hand, institutions and individuals in the side of quality and the efficiency and speed of implementation and achievement of results visible, according to Colh.ahar that the government developed a national strategy of integrated energy includes ambitious plans to bring about a fundamental shift in the most important sectors of the economy, including plans to adopt reforms and attract investments worth more than $ 600 billion in oil, gas and electricity sectors, and industries associated with them, which may generate revenues for the state budget up to $ 6 trillion by 2030, and creating 10 million additional jobs.