Iraqi private banks Association opens its training course on documentary credits and use modern mechanisms in international banks

News/economy Baghdad. 14/02/2016

The Association of private banks opened in Baghdad on Sunday, the fourth ten since February, training course on documentary credits and the use of modern machinery in the world, with the participation of 35 banks of the angels working in the Iraqi Government and 20 banks private.
According to Chief of the Association of Iraqi banks on Gibraltar in the word alavetth that represents a positive step on the road to the right, banking and construction for the development of professional capacity in the private banking sector and the Government

Explaining that the course participants will receive a week of lectures by university professors specialize dealing with means of developing banking artistically and humanly, and introduction of modern technology in various joints in order to improve performance, expand horizontally and vertically.
Noting that ASEAN is in the process of further training courses in these areas in the future, with the participation of international experts. Noting the signing of several memorandums of understanding with federations, associations and organizations of Arab and international banking in this regard including the Arabic Bank Union.