Immigration Minister: Percentage of deduction from staff will provide 550 billion dinars to support the displaced

2016-02-14 21:08:41 | (Voice of Iraq) - Kirkuk

The Minister of Displacement and Migration Jassim Mohammed, Sunday, that the deduction of 3% of employees' salaries will save 550 billion dinars, saying it is not sufficient for the distribution of one million dinars grant among the displaced, while the committee of displaced persons and displaced parliament called on the government to launch Kirkuk financial allocations from Alaptrdolar.

He said Immigration Minister Jassim Mohammed, during a joint press conference with Chairman of the displaced people and displaced parliamentary Raad Aldhlki and the governor of Kirkuk, Najm al-Din Karim was held at City Hall that "the ministry's plan to re-displaced Vssayash government is working on the return of displaced persons by assisting returnees and their insurance when you get back to their towns liberated", He explained, "we got a recent loan from Germany worth 500 million euros for the purpose of re-life areas that have been edited and which will be disbursed in a balanced manner and according to the possibilities and security conditions to secure the return of displaced persons."

He said Mohammed, that "what is deducted from employees' salaries is 3% to 1.8% goes from there to the popular crowd and 1.2% to the Supreme Committee for sheltering displaced people at the end of the year, which turns financial grants worth 550 billion dinars," adding that it "does not enough to distribute million dinars for each displaced family every year. "

He said Mohammed, "we are faced with some field problems in Salahuddin, Diyala, but there are steps to re-displaced by giving compensation to families of the victims in Yathrib," adding that "there are other things that impede the return of which is the conduct of military operations and the presence of explosive remnants of war."

For his part, Aldhlki that "there is said negligence by the government financial Pt_khasasatha private Kirkuk for displaced people and we will work through the day with the ministry of education, electricity, health, to overcome obstacles and help Kirkuk," calling on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to "form a committee to ensure re-displaced to Salahuddin, north of Babil and Diyala like the committee that formed the Anbar. "

He Aldhlki, "We will work to deliver a message that Kirkuk bear the brunt should support it," and urged the Iraqi government to "launch Kirkuk financial allocations from Alaptrdolar and support the ministries have opened registration of displaced families who were displaced have not been registered so far across supplementing the immigration office in Kirkuk cadres to help the great work. "

In turn, the governor of Kirkuk, Najm al-Din Karim, "The authors of a delegation from the Minister of Displacement and Migration, Chairman of the Supreme Committee for shelter and relief to the displaced and accompanied by a parliamentary delegation including Chairman of the Committee of Displacement and Migration in Parliament MP Raad Aldhlki and chairman of the Committee of the Regions and provinces MP Khalid Mafraji and MPs to meet with the pink and Zahid Katuna visited Kirkuk "explaining" We had a lengthy meeting during which the follow-up efforts made by the administration of Kirkuk and its departments and council relief displaced despite the challenges and lack of dues to maintain Exchange under receive more than 113 thousand displaced families, including 70 thousand students schools Kirkuk and 20 thousand students alternative sites for the universities of Nineveh and Anbar. "

He added cream, that "the minister's visit, members of the House of Representatives are essential to our province and we found that there is a great understanding of the needs of the province and to the left untouched Kirkuk from large numbers of displaced people, as we discussed in our meeting return of displaced persons to the liberated areas of Daash terrorist," expected to "receive Kirkuk largest aid."

Iraq has seen during the past few months, the biggest exodus in its history, after the control of the elements of the organization "Daash" on a number of cities and districts, counties, before Iraqi forces are able to recapture some of those cities and the return of displaced people to it.