The largest commercial port majority of Iraqis without sidewalks Maine steamers due to the increase of customs tariffs

Sunday, February 14, 2016 - 21:40
The largest commercial port Iraqis without sidewalks majority of vessels due to the increase of customs tariffs
A shipping source said on Sunday that the commercial port of Umm Qasr, the largest commercial port Iraqis have become the majority of sidewalks free of the ships, while the General Company for Ports confirmed that the increase of customs tariffs caused significant damage to the work of the ports.
He said maritime source said that "the negative effects of the new system of customs tariffs on the Iraqi ports has become very clear, as the majority of the docks devoid of ships, and the port of Umm northern palace moored vessel and only one," noting that "the waiting area in the Khawr Abd Allah waterway where there are nine ships ".
The source, who requested anonymity, that "most of the ships known Petrddha the port of Umm Qasr, commercial based on the centrality of commercial ports United Arab Emirates the most important ports of Jebel Ali and Khor Fakkan, Sharjah and considered delay or postponement of flights temporarily to Iraq, including large Thorskaa steamers, Padma, Didem, MSN Silana. "
For his part, director of the Department of Information and relationships in the General Company for Ports Tigers Abdel Moneim net confirmed Sumerian's News, that "the application of the new customs tariff law has caused a state of stagnation and stalemate in the Iraqi ports in light of declining numbers of vessels inflows and the accumulation of goods imported into the squares and the stores of the ports" explaining that "the increase of customs tariffs led to the activation of a new line for the transfer of imported goods, so that became a lot of traders and importers transporting their goods by sea to the Iranian commercial ports, and then be transported by land and entered into Iraq across the border outlets are located in the Kurdistan region, and then trucked Basra and other provinces, and this is not in the interests of the Iraqi ports. "