Gold guarantee economic stability

Author: Yasser incumbent

2/14/2016 0:00

Many economists and money to remain «yellow metal» believed real and basic guarantee for the economies of their countries, despite the disengagement law install paper currency gold quantities value in the wake of World War II, even though the gold wealth strategy form the consecration of the value of the currencies of countries and a guarantee of financial stability where!.

but what role they could play this precious metal in the economies of countries in light of fluctuations in world prices and what is the mechanism that determines its price ?,

themselves experts believe that the rise in gold prices over the years, but stresses that this metal commensurate with the economic situation of countries in her days whites and blacks this is because the acceleration of global economic growth and the occurrence of the global financial crisis has made ​​the importance of gold as an investment for individuals and governments and global funds and international institutions play an essential role in economic life.

if this is the vision of the experts of the importance of the gold question now is whether Iraq has reserves of gold, of more than 86 tonnes, according to the figures announced and published could play a prominent role in alleviating the painful financial crisis experienced by the country effects?

this question may be a bit strange in light reassure the Iraqi Central Bank Baanaatyate of hard currency and the yellow metal on the critical situation in Iraq, but the question here about how to benefit from the gold reserves in addressing the crisis, based on the experiences of countries that founded in the light of the perceptions of experts.

Remarkably, the economist told the appearance of Mohammed Saleh of the financial distress to be solved send a reassuring and comfortable for all but the need requires the submission somewhat urgent solutions Central to the initiative by ordering gold coins may be presented to the public one way players in the required processors and thus a clear signal to the health experts estimate that gold is an effective method and a sure guarantee of economic stability.