The tax adviser-Abadi: provided 6 trillion dinars and reassured about the salaries

Saturday 13 February 2016

Financial advisor to Prime Minister Mohammad Saleh appearance Saturday, war funding and payment of salaries is a priority for the Iraqi Government, indicating that the Government is reassuring regarding the payment of staff salaries and has directed for non-oil revenue, explained that some sales taxes generated 6 trillion dinar.

Saleh said that "any cash flows have two tracks, the first war against terrorism as a matter of survival," he said, adding that "the liberation of Iraq in 2016 issue settled, the second track, is staff salaries by continuing to pay."

Saleh said, "the State does not fail and do not give up and there is determination, and thus there is contentment over salaries despite having four million and 500 thousand employees, and if we calculated with retirees and social care number to 7 million people.

Saleh pointed out that "the State has many options and measures in financing of these payments, including internal and external borrowing and the sale of some things and some use monetary policy", stressing that "the State has currently went for non-oil revenues."

He fit that "taxation some commodities such as mobile wekartat cigarettes and other goods at the end of 2015, the State created a 6 trillion dinars from non-oil revenues, so it is proven by the current budget of non-oil revenues worth 11 trillion dinar is real if applied correctly."