Economists: distribution of land without planning strategy will not solve the financial crisis

2016/02/14 (00:16 pm)-hits: 31

Economists, stressed Saturday that the Government promises to distribute plots of land for citizens faced many obstacles, notably infrastructure provision to those territories, as demanded by the Government's commitment to its obligations to citizens without undo implementation in order not to lose its credibility to the public.
He was Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, announced last week that his Government would start distributing residential plots to citizens "fairly" in conjunction with providing key services for land to be distributed to citizens.

The Economist said in an interview, maytham alaibi "range", that "the economic crisis being experienced by the Government an impediment to implementing its promises to the public including cultural cities enjoying all basic services".
"The provision of basic services needed to land Government promised the citizens need to be assigned a high financial to be integrated and cities contain sound and sophisticated infrastructure.
Alaibi explained that "the Government still suffers from the problem of weak transparency, because the mechanisms are not clear yet, and the official media still faces delays prejudicial to economic decision, so did not find radical solutions for citizen economic problems, most notably housing.
Alaibi wondered "why was involved in Government promises cannot be achieved in a short time perspective? Causing questioning the credibility of actions for strengthening the economic aspect for citizens. "
The "being talked about allocation of land on two important first in land titling for abusers to State property" alhawasm "for a cash allowance, the second by which distribution of land to the families of the martyrs of the crowd. In both cases, the Government cannot withdraw sufficient funds can contribute to bridging the budget deficit ".
"The development of strategic plans to create sophisticated population cities requires steps to the process of land distribution to citizens without resorting to decisions from floundering the impact of the economic crisis."
Said economist Mohammed Abdel Latif al-ANI said in an interview for "the range", "Government land distribution to citizens does not solve the financial crisis affecting the country as a result of underdeveloped policy established by previous Governments without legal basis".
"The housing crisis that has not been addressed by the successive Governments have contributed significantly to the distortion parameters of most cities in Iraq." Al-Ani said the "repeated Government promises of land distribution for citizens economic situation has generated confusion and depressed real estate market because of anticipation of public land as long and come back without them."
And that "the Iraqi State since its foundation adopted a special regime for the provision of housing to citizens through building prefabricated housing complexes and distributed to various social strata regardless of political orientation and sectarianism".
ANI confirmed that "prosthetic solutions taken by the Government to overcome the economic crisis are useless in the foreseeable future because it does not support the factual studies in assessing the actual needs of citizens."
Abbadi said in a speech aired on Al-iraqiya, the official hours of the evening, Tuesday (9/2/2016), that "next week will be issued an important decision regarding the distribution of residential land to deserving of all citizens in private and Government alike, in Baghdad and other provinces, indicating that" this process will coincide with the provision of basic services for parcels of land that are distributed to citizens where they can build cities with integrated sound infrastructures.
Abbadi said that with "our State property, land, real estate and other vsisar after phase detection of flour during the coming days, to take advantage of them in the areas of investment and stimulate the private sector, simultaneously with the work that is underway to restructure State-owned enterprises to become profitable and productive companies; the effects are reflected in the improvement of the status of their workers."
He said the Prime Minister "within the framework of a clear vision for the economic construction and development with a number of States brfedna consultants and experts, professionals and specialists, who together with advisers and Iraqi experts to provide a comprehensive vision towards the diversification of economic activities and investment of human and natural resources properly and proper and balanced."