Referral Treasury Cities Project on investment

1302 2016
Baghdad Provincial Council planned in coordination with the Ministry of Transport, to put the draft (Alkhoznip cities) on investment after the completion of the study prepared by a government committee formed
for this purpose.
The chairwoman of the Economic Committee of the Council Nawal al-Araji, the "morning": that the Ministry of Transport introduced in a previous construction project time (Alkhoznip cities) included construction of a private commercial interchangeably cities and storage of goods is on the outskirts of the capital.
She noted that the project is still under examination by the committee formed prepared drafted in order to put all the details, noting that he would be referred to invest upon the completion of the study and allocated a plot of land that can include business events mentioned the fact that the investment sector can cover the activities required by the project.
Al Sabaah 2016