Upper House: call for technocrats must cover everyone, including Prime Minister

2016-02-13 23:30:31 | (Voice of Iraq) – Baghdad

The Islamic Supreme Council, Saturday, endorsed and supported the reforms proposed by Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi to fight corruption and streamline the work of the State, noted that the call on independent or technocrats must cover everyone, including the Prime Minister.

The Council said in a statement that "the leadership and the political Bureau for the Supreme Council today held a joint meeting on the recent situation in the country", adding that "the meeting expressed full support for the position of Supreme religious authority and handling political, security, economic, service, etc.

The Council said that "the meeting emphasized cooperation with the Iraqi National Alliance forces and political forces to form a parliamentary bloc political majority in accordance with the national programme to reform," Noting that they "expressed their support for the Prime Minister's proposed reforms to fight corruption and streamline the work of the State and facing difficult economic conditions and meet the requirements of the fight against terrorism daash victory prompt clearance and Iraq of evils".

The Council stressed that "call on independent or technocrats and end the allocations of political order to be sincere and earnest must cover everyone, including the Prime Minister, stressing that" not shying away from the will of the overwhelming majority of the Iraqi people. "

Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, invited (9 February 2016), to conduct the reshuffle "essential" featuring characters "technocrats", and called the House with the support of the Government, stressed that Iraq will surpass what he named "ordeal".