Sadr called reform package & calls for the formation of a gov. of technocrats-Full
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Thread: Sadr called reform package & calls for the formation of a gov. of technocrats-Full

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    Sadr called reform package & calls for the formation of a gov. of technocrats-Full

    Mr. al-Sadr called reform package and calls for the formation of a government of technocrats away from the ruling party leanings} {Extended

    13.2.2016 11:48

    {Najaf: Euphrates News} fired the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr on Saturday, political, security and economic reforms package, stressing the need for the formation of a government of technocrats away from the ruling party leanings, while granting the prime minister for 45 days to provide a systematic government program and not be withdrawn confidence him under the dome of the parliament. "

    Mr. al-Sadr said in a televised speech, "governments missed citizen all segments, whether Islamist or secular, whether Shiite or Sunni, and whether Arab or Kurdish, or the mother of the majority of the minority, and nothing is in Iraq safe from the psychological and partisan desires, and factional and sectarian now divide the country and make it up for grabs each of the bear, so we see sweeps volatility in our countries without a deterrent, not even deprecated some even satisfied the demands of a plus to blatant in the affairs of the country interventions in addition to outright in the country's affairs interventions. "

    However," but it remains to citizen Sharif and fair and oppressed lover of his homeland and his country where he grew up and lived in it with all the difficulties, but he lived in Srah and Dharah, that citizen who gave his voice precious in a democracy epics there were many in the country, but his voice was no longer benefit and is slaughtered on the bench politicians violated in the corridors of the government nor of Nasser and certain, but Allah, and some honorable of them who have made ​​the general interests of their own. "

    He added that" this citizen rejoiced good when he heard the recent reforms that have received cordial support of the reference and the people of civilians and demonstrators and the Islamists and even received parliamentary and government support, even reluctantly, also received international support all Eastern and Western orientation was not only able to support it. "

    Muqtada" it is clear that the upcoming reforms, which have been long awaited people of all sects were not confined to the political ones, but permeated the security file deteriorating with a Aldoaash some provinces, as well as the economic file, which is expected to further deterioration due to lack of experience, all those files and issues waiting for reform desired and change us is that the government will be in all grades in serving its people is not the same service and her party to be a government of the people and to the people not to raise money and strengthen the power and influence and domination on the necks of the people shall be the ruler overwhelming and ruler forgetting his paternity to his people as in the previous government, which brought people into the abyss of its territory and handed over their weapons to the enemy and occupier. "

    And" here last, and an attempt should be noted discourse to the people and not the politicians who have sold their home for a handful of money or the Iraqi people, the chair is the only one who Sama our project reformist and Sinfal reacts with all peaceful means available to him, even across the political boycott or demonstrate them and activate the sit-ins 1 a were not responding to this rapid and serious reforms, noting that "the reforms did facets only the Sadrist movement did not ask them any position or a chair, money or demand Dninoa even wrote to the satisfaction God and love for our people and to save the nation and became a collapse, staring him of all the security, economic, social and political aspects and even intellectual, ideological and religious, so we after depending on God and the success of the internal reform in the current campaign and after consulting the cultural elite cadres put our project reformist Iraqi public, which must include all the joints and those, without exception, and the first of them the Sadrist movement and not the last of them. "

    " The project comprises several aspects On the economic side, we demand to re-structure of the State-owned banks, and the inauguration of the governor of the central bank with experience, competence and integrity, supporting domestic product by importing any Menth competitor to support small and medium enterprises put strict laws auctions of foreign currency issuing domestic bonds to strengthen its financial situation and fill the shortfall in the budget to support the industrial and agricultural sector, according to a specialized program to encourage national investment through some privileges. "

    On the security side, called the leader of the Sadrist movement to transform the popular crowd Banazare disciplined to the defense and interior wire glance unitary to guarantee their rights and utilization of their homeland and the arms embargo, however, the state and deliver the weapons have after the war against terrorism and to provide all team leaders and army chief of staff to the House of Representatives to ratify them negligent accountable, without exception, the cause of the fall of Mosul and hold negligent massacres that occurred in Spyker, Saqlawiya and the formation of committees to audit the arms importer and the quantities and price contracts the arms factory at home and keep the army from safe areas and the prevention of armed presence of non-competent authorities and the dismissal of all a political tendency, a security official said. "

    The PHP regulatory side of Mr. Sadr stressed on activating the role of the judiciary and to work on the liquidation of the judiciary from the notorious and the installation of a competent judge the presidency of the board of integrity and accountability, justice and the formation of a temporary committee to audit the ministerial contracts and public institutions from 2003 to 2016 to provide a monthly report to the House of Representatives and will be broadcast live on the air to inform the public and requires competence and audit contracts worth more than 50 billion dinars and above and contracts that without it. "

    On the political side, called for the importance of forming a team that includes the prime minister and a political independent and moderate judge known neutrality and the national Academy unknown employee retired special grades with experience joints state to be independent entrusted to him, the formation of a ministerial specialist has integrity and expertise to form a government of technocrats far from the party that includes everyone without leaning to the ruling party to provide the names of the chairpersons to the House of Representatives for approval to provide the names of candidates for agents and advisers, agents and members of the bodies, ambassadors and experts all of that to a maximum of 45 days after the submission of the program and a government curriculum by the Prime Minister is applied during the year, but will be the withdrawal of confidence with him in parliament. "

    Mr. al-Sadr and expressed at the conclusion of his speech he hoped the expanded support for reforms and education to him without regard to the writer because Iraq is in need of unity and cooperation to the public interest and the removal of special interests, and the lack of implementation of these items are a betrayal of Iraq and its people, especially the Gel points are in accordance with the applicable legal rules and would not be implemented underwhelming to our hopes and the hopes of the poor will be our withdrawal from the political process and politics as a whole is what you should do with lax hope for reform, ".anthy

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    when a photo tells it all

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