Integrity: the relationship did not serve the country's economy and should be changed

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Parliamentary integrity Commission decision said Juma Dewan, Saturday, the Governor of the Central Bank didn't provide any plan of serving the Iraqi economy and must be changed.

Mr. Sadr has asked Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, a change in the relationship between Bank Governor Marquis.
Diwan said to balance news, that "the integrity Commission last week hosted a parliamentary Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq and asked him to submit a plan of action was serious in keeper on the Iraqi economy but could not curb the moment."

He asked the Diwan "why this gap between the exchange rate of the Central Bank and the market price and the difference between the two prices puts suspicions of corruption between the Bank and the private banks," "change the relationship and replaced with personal financial acumen have in the management of State finances," he said.

And student, Office that "the dollar equivalent to the market price because the Central Bank announces the bank rate and the market price", adding that "there are five Tiger selling Bank and buying market."

And draw divan "difference in the dollar behind banks and certain people taking advantage of those differences in prices," the Central Bank Governor did not provide for a moment a real plan to save Iraq's financial situation, saying the relationship the wrong man in the right place, demanding personal change has economic news in banking transactions and banking away from quotas.

He was Governor of the Iraqi Central Bank has announced that there are 130 trillion Iraqi dinar traded on the Iraqi Street. " Ended 29/40