Maliki's coalition: If Abadi was serious reform Vliein new oil minister of technocrats Basra

Friday 12-02-2016 | 11:46:22

Twilight News / MP for the coalition of state law called the grace of emotions on Friday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi fairly province of Basra and come with the Minister of Petroleum of technocrats "If he was serious in the new reforms."

Her grace in a statement, said that "if al-Abadi was serious about reform first, they must do justice to the province of Basra and do justice to the Iraqi people through the appointment of an oil minister of technocrats and the province of Basra, Vozyr oil must be an expert on oil and not a doctor or of the political blocs for the interests and gains ".

And showed MP from Basra that the province "on al-Abadi to make new ministerial his booth coup against the team harmonious based government on the quota system and compatibility, which was the cause of the crises that he arrived the country, choosing the new ministers must be done without reference to the political blocs or consulted, he has ended time political niceties. "

She called a blessing to "the need to choose ministers technocrats competent, and if met with the names that will be chosen by Abadi rejected by some political blocs he announced the blocks that stand deduced from reform and to act away from the internal and external dictates, hoping to be able to save what can be saved."

She said "the Iraqi people today want based government based on power, not to lie, but if Brother Abadi agreed to the dismissal of some ministers and coming ministers of the same blocks or hiding under the umbrella of the political blocs is, unfortunately, a new programmer and agreed upon failure."

Abadi was announced in a televised speech on Tuesday he would hold a ministerial changes to the government for the appointment of technocrats rather than ministers who were appointed on the basis of their political affiliation.