Oil Minister discusses with references Najaf economic developments in the country

2016-02-12 17:54:52 | (Voice of Iraq) Baghdad

The oil Ministry announced Friday, oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi discussed with religious authorities in Najaf and economic developments in the country.

The Ministry said in a statement issued today, seen by Sumerian news, "oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi visited yesterday, Najaf Governorate and met during his religious leader Mr. Mohammed Saeed Al-Hakim and the reference Sheikh Mohammed Ishaq Al-Fayad and the reference Sheikh Bashir Najafi.

The Ministry added, "Abdul-Mahdi discussed with bone references general developments in the country, especially in the economic field, and listen to the wise guidance of the references that are in the interest of the country and its citizens."

Oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, on Saturday (30 January 2016), on the importance of reviving the national oil company, with emphasized that the company of people and every citizen shares its indestructible inheritance.

Recall that the drop in oil prices to below $ 30 a barrel have affected all States producing and exporting raw and especially those States that adopt the budget oil revenues primarily which prompted them to talk about the possibility of an agreement to cut production by 5% for each State.