Abadi step to change the government's deepening sectarian rift within Parliament

The largest Sunni bloc gives the prime minister a mandate to conduct a comprehensive cabinet reshuffle, while the largest alliance of the forces of the Shiite refuse to waive any position.

Middle East Online

Baghdad granting Iraqi Forces Union (the largest Sunni bloc in parliament) Friday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, a mandate to conduct a comprehensive reshuffle in his government exclude from which ministers and political parties.

He said the political bureau member of the Union Haidar al-Mulla, said in a statement Friday that "the forces coalition supporting the reshuffle expected if it led to the reform and we are preparing a means, a tool in order to achieve real reform sought by the people, as long as we have emphasized and warned us over the past years of the danger of continuing sectarian approach political Rights, which the state and society necrosis and brought Iraq to the brink of collapse on the security and economic level. "

Al Mulla said, "Let us again and again to the need to adopt a reformist approach aimed at addressing the structural imbalance in the political process through genuine national reconciliation, and build a state of institutions, and an end to the phenomenon of militias and arms rampant outside the framework of the state, and leave the state project components to the country of citizenship."

Mulla pointed out that "the Iraqi forces union supportive of any process of a cabinet reshuffle, to end sectarian and party loyalties and establish a ministerial cabins built on the professional skills of the specialists, is able to achieve the vocabulary of the reform program."

The call came Abadi, after more than 12 years of the adoption of the share of government posts between Sunnis and Shiites and Kurds system, and the absence of government cabinets that formed over the past years of the ministers "technocrats" not affiliated with political parties.

To that disclosed in the National Alliance (the largest political coalition in parliament) Friday that the heads of political blocs in the alliance refuse to waive any positions within any reform steps.

Sadiq said the ordeal that "the National Alliance ministers are required today, to develop their resignations at the disposal of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, and failures that befell Iraq over the past years borne by all political parties, including the National Alliance."

It features a "National Alliance" all forces and Shiite blocs in the Iraqi parliament, headed by Ibrahim al-Jaafari.

The ordeal and said that "the members of the National Alliance blocks are all in favor of any move to carry out government reform, but the heads of political blocs refuse to waive any political gains," adding that "the decision, however, remains Abadi."

He said the ordeal "This is a final opportunity to Ebadi to carry out repair and pull the country than it is, and if he failed in his move next will not remain as prime minister."

He announced Haider Abadi, Iraq's prime minister Tuesday the completion of a comprehensive study to conduct the feminine in his government, as well as make a change and Zraa affects a number of ministers belonging to political blocks and replacing them with the ministers of "technocrats".

Abadi was made in the August 16 / August 2015, the first package of reforms to Parliament included a reduction of his cabinet to 22 ministries instead of 33 to cancel four ministries and other merge, Parliament voted to later approval.