Russia boosts ties with Iraq in defiance of American influence

Posted 12 February 2016-02:12 GMT

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, Thursday, during a visit to Baghdad, accompanied by the biggest Russian delegation for years that Russia was ready to sell passenger planes for Iraq to continue to supply military aid to fight State regulation.

Come and visit the delegation which consists of approximately 100 officials from Government and business in an effort to strengthen security and trade ties with Iraq which has the potential to undermine American influence in one of the most sensitive regions of the world.

Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari that discussions about military assistance to defeat the State organization who controlled one-third of Iraqi territory in 2014.

Jaafari said "we need international support from several sources, whether inside or outside the Coalition International Coalition" in reference to the us-led coalition, which launched thousands of airstrikes on Iraqi army provided military training and consulting.

He told reporters "we need support, training and exchange of information of various kinds. Intelligence plays an important role in the war and we time daash coordinate with the Russian side to provide this information and make it into the hands of the Iraqis. "

Russia has invested millions of dollars in the Iraqi energy sector last year opened a command center in Baghdad, according to an agreement for the exchange of intelligence with Iraq, Iran and Syria in order to fight against the State.

Rogozin said he met with his envoy to the command center. He said through a translator that Moscow will continue to supply Iraq with military equipment "will allow us to raise the combat readiness of the Iraqi armed forces" but did not give many details.

He told the Tass news agency that he hoped to appoint an Iraq military assistance in the restoration of the city of Mosul in the North and other areas controlled by the State.

Officials signed a memorandum of understanding covering measures to increase bilateral trade to more than actors and strengthen Iraq's electricity production which meets at peak demand during the summer months by about 60% of domestic needs only.

TASS said that trade volume last year reached $ 2 billion, mostly Russian exports. Rogozin said that Russia could provide the Iraqi civil aviation passenger aircraft Sukhoi Superjet.

Rogozin proposed holding the next meeting in Mosul, the Iraqi Government pledged to restore the grip of Islamic State this year.