Iraq opens a big door for Kuwait to invest in Missan

2016-02-12 03:17:55 | (Voice of Iraq) - Twilight News

Search Consul General of the State of Kuwait in the city of Basra Yousef Ashour pigment with the chairman and members of the local government in the province of Maysan, both executive and legislative aspects of bilateral relations between Kuwait and Iraq and ways to strengthen their existing cooperation in all fields, especially the economic ones.
The Consul General of the State of Kuwait at a joint news conference after the meeting which was also attended by Chairman of Businessmen Union and Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce in the province that his talks with Iraqi officials comes in the framework of joint endeavors to open new horizons of "fruitful" cooperation between Kuwait and southern provinces of Iraq in various fields, particularly economic, social and cultural rights.
He praised the level of pigment development of the Kuwaiti-Iraqi relations, explaining that he had held talks "constructive" with Iraqi officials on a number of issues that would serve the interests of the two brotherly countries, especially in the field of investment and facilitating the entry of Kuwaiti companies to the investment market in southern Iraq.
He expressed hope that the efforts of the Consulate General of the State of Kuwait to open contribute to new areas of cooperation in various fields of investment and projects that Kuwait can help them in order to support the development process in southern Iraq.
For his part, Chairman of the Board of Maysan province Munther Chaoui at the press conference expressed his delight existence of the Kuwaiti Consulate General in Basra, stressing that this will reflect positively on the relationship between the two countries, particularly in Basra and the southern provinces.
He said that the opening of the Kuwaiti consulate in Basra is a historic milestone in the relations between the two countries after the interruption for about 25 years because of Saddam's brutal invasion of Kuwait in 1990.
The Chaoui In this regard, the keenness of Maysan province to develop the relations with Kuwait in various fields and the granting of Kuwaiti investors, investment and business opportunities in light of the success that they have achieved in East Asia and Africa markets.
For his part, welcomed the governor of Maysan province to Douai in the same conference visited the Consul General of the State of Kuwait to maintain praising the tireless efforts of the Kuwaiti consulate in Basra for the development of relations between the two countries and open new horizons of fruitful cooperation.
He called Douai Kuwaiti companies and businessmen to enter the Iraqi market and benefit from the promising investment opportunities in the province of Maysan in the light of evolving from a security stability has encouraged major Arab and international companies to enter the Iraqi market and to invest in development projects that will raise the profile of the province.
He praised the depth of brotherly relations between Kuwait and Iraq, saying Iraq's Permanent welcome Kuwaiti investments that contribute to the strengthening of relations between the two countries and achieve common interest in addition to their participation in the comprehensive development process that Iraq is seeking to achieve.