Detection of 20 trillion dinars as "insurance" hidden in bellies of state departments
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Thread: Detection of 20 trillion dinars as "insurance" hidden in bellies of state departments

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    Detection of 20 trillion dinars as "insurance" hidden in bellies of state departments

    Detection of 20 trillion dinars as "insurance" hidden in the bellies of the state departments

    2016/02/11 13:51 Number of Views: 4638

    ministries file after enriching many senior officials in the ministries and departments with ongoing revenue. Revealed the MP Magda Tamimi's "Tomorrow Press", for "detecting 3 trillion dinars frozen in one of the ministries benefiting several staff through the opening through which a bank account, and carousing its benefits for more than five years, "indicating that" the initial investigation of the Insurance Committee showed 140 billion dinars frozen in one of the small government departments. " rejected Tamimi disclosure of the names of the circles, but predicted that" an Insurance in circles more than 20 trillion dinars, do not know the Ministry of Finance or Treasury existence circle.

    " She said" responsible personnel on the reservoirs and the collection of funds have grown their wealth is alarming as a result of this procedure, which is illegal, and tampering with state funds, and use them in a way is legitimate. " in the meantime revealed other parliamentary sources for" the General traffic Department hiding Tominacha for the years of 2009 and so far, amounting to about a trillion dinars, withheld from fines and fees for licenses and convert properties cars, "pointing out that" the number of officers in the department benefit of these insurance Baadallm funds in state banks personal their accounts, to benefit from the interest amounting to 4%, which is equivalent to about 4 billion dinars a year.

    " the sources confirmed in an interview with" tomorrow's Press, "that" the financial parliamentary collected extensive information on the whereabouts of insurance proceeds deposited from the collection of fees, etc., and will send a final file to the integrity Commission to hold accountable the beneficiaries of that.

    " She explained that" government officials are ignorant of the instructions issued by the Iraqi state, which stipulates the need to collect insurance annually with financial revenue departments, Caldakhlah and municipalities, agriculture, foreign affairs and the municipality of Baghdad and electricity. "

    , pointing out that "the instruction required these departments to send insurance to the state treasury in the event no claim for a period of five years maximum." the sources added that "the budgets of Iraq over the past years has taken into consideration the financing of all ministries and government departments without regard to revenues, not especially since Diwani Shiite and Sunni endowments own revenue is not owned by the rest of the major ministries, the government continues funding, "adding that" the government does not count the revenue accurately, and divide the allocations according to revenue. " the Iraq suffers from a financial crisis that could lead in the coming months to reduce salaries staff or restructuring of some ministries.لة

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    Re: Detection of 20 trillion dinars as "insurance" hidden in bellies of state departm

    WOW, that's a lot to shake a stick at. Hmmmmmmmm

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