Silence .. reference pinch ear to the government next week .. The general amnesty in
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Thread: Silence .. reference pinch ear to the government next week .. The general amnesty in

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    Silence .. reference pinch ear to the government next week .. The general amnesty in

    Bookmark silence. Pinch the permission to the Government next week. The Amnesty either in purpose or in Najaf!!

    Dated: Thursday 02.11.2016 7:48

    Iraq today / special
    It seems that the silence of what is known as the "foremost authority" in Najaf - a reference Ali al-Sistani .. to say more with regard to the reform project, was authorized pinch strong political opponents - especially in the National Alliance.
    MP Hassan Khalati on the mass of citizens - political edition of the Islamic Supreme Council led by Ammar al-Hakim, was found at the beginning of his speech, said that "Stop the foremost authority of the speech guideline, strong message to everyone will turn," then Khalati values ​​in coming to us, the position taken by the "upper" "The religious authority position was clear and explicit, and putting the political process," explained us Alkhalati according perceptions "Supreme" Madf to take a final position: "The Iraqi people, politicians, and government were waiting for what should be made by the religious authority guidelines Boukdobaa which was a two-way main the first is that there would be reforms compatible with the Iraqi people's needs, and that is to expedite the implementation, and this is not as required, and the second that the reference and directed the need for peaceful coexistence and civil peace ", and the party that assumed the full responsibilities, after the" supreme silence ", read:" the reference having repeated the views and directives, the day of the ball in the court of the government and the politicians who did not fulfill the required .. including needs of the Iraqi people ", then I suggest Khalati we translate what it means" Supreme "stop for" Guiding messages ":" Stopping speeches guiding message, that {ye politicians you have to Ttdarqua situation .. The onus is on you, because the reference was Maldiha ", and increased the Vice citizen:" this is a strong message to everyone will turn, "We take the reader note that what is known as "Supreme religious authority", has decided to make a political sermon, as required by the events, and developments in Iraqi affairs, not on a weekly basis, and leave the "upper" then, O reader, we Snbakak with a mass citizen, as announced by Vice bless them properly Shawki, which is in the parliamentary legal committee member, "a meeting with the heads of blocs, to prepare the final wording of the draft general amnesty law, the next week," to admit us Shawki then a little behind the scenes at this Alajtmaa- far snapshot was and not just of understanding but in anticipation: "if the presidency of the Council of Representatives, informed heads of blocs, held a closed-door meeting with the legal Committee of Parliament, for the final wording of the draft general amnesty law set up, before it is submitted for a vote, "and on the date of the planned meeting, Notify Shawqi:" the meeting will be held within the next week, in preparation for the inclusion of the vote on the bill in agenda ", and hinted Shawki in conclusion, that this meeting will be to generate a general amnesty law, which unable to give the parliamentary his birth for a long time:" It is, according to the agreement with the presidency, it will be the meeting of the heads of blocs, to put the final touches on the bill and resolve the contentious points the pending vote. "

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    Re: Silence .. reference pinch ear to the government next week .. The general amnesty

    Groovy MadScout...Sistani droppin the hammer down with our military assistance in the green zone on the goons...good stuff. Amnesty Law comin to a theater in Iraq! Pushing the reforms along with the economic side of it right along!

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    Re: Silence .. reference pinch ear to the government next week .. The general amnesty

    I like the direction, and look forward to things to come. Even if it looks wiggly sometimes.

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