Basra Governor: We will review 200 structural Investment Authority investment opportunity

9:00 am, February 11, 2016
Basra - Economy - opinion -
The Governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui, about his quest to solve the problems facing the work of the board of Basra Investment, and reconsider Bal200 undeclared investment opportunity recently, as well as the restructuring of the body was to be able to grant investment licenses directly without going to the National Investment Commission.
The governor of Basra, in a statement after his visit to the board of the investment company of a number of relevant departments managers received (Opinion International) a copy of the day, that "there are problems hindering the work of the Authority, some linked to government circles of Basra and the other relating to the federal government," noting that "the Government of Basra will turn to Baghdad soon in order to solve the problems of the Authority. "
He stressed that "the Government of Basra, have no choice but move towards maximizing its imports through investment given the difficult financial conditions and the lack of federal allocations," adding that "the government of Basra would reconsider Bal200 investment opportunity that was announced earlier, as well as a review of the structure of the Investment Authority in order to be integrated investment licenses are awarded directly without having to go to the national investment Commission. "
For his part, Chairman of the board of Basra Investment Ali Gaspe Palmsaa welcomed efforts to resolve its problems, noting that he "briefed the governor on all the achievements and problems of the Investment Authority, which met with understanding and responsive to the problems and obstacles facing the work of the Authority" .anthy